3 Year old shrooms..?

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  1. Hey guys,

    Do shrooms ever go bad? Do they turn toxic after an amount of time? Did some searching and found threads that talked about 3-6 months old but nothing as far back as 3 years old.

  2. i know a guy who had mushrooms for a year and a half, but they were airtight sealed and frozen. they were fine. but he did say he noticed a slight difference in potency, but he said it could have just been his tolerance to mushrooms had increased since he put those away.

    how were your boomers stored?
  3. They were in a plastic bag. A friend of mine found them at his house when he cleaned out his room.
  4. inspect them, thoroughly make sure they don't have mold on them.

    the most that could have happened is they lost potency if they aren't moldy.

    also, how can someone lose mushrooms in their room for three years? that seems an awful long time to not clean your room.
  5. All you need to ask yourself is this:

    If you found a 3 year old bag of regular mushrooms (non hallucinogenic) would you eat them? If no, dont eat these. If yes, go for it.
  6. I would just throw those away and chalk it up to your friend's stupidity.
    Never would I use ingest any food item that's been sitting around in some kid's room in a plastic bag for 3 years.
    That's 1,096 days of sitting there. Just keep that in mind.
  7. After a year, normally stored (as in in a well sealed container in a dark cool place) shrooms start to lose potency. Freezing is probably the only way you'd be able to get away with more then a year, year and a half most before potency begins to lose.

    If they were stored in a reg zip lock baggy for 3 YEARS, they probably are bunk by now. You might as well try it, maybe pick up another 8th or something and have them nearby incase they don't work and you really wanna trip.
  8. I would not take them if I were you. They start to loose their potency after a while so they probably wouldnt even be that good. But besides that they will probably just make you sick. After three years all kinds of mold and shit has probably grown on them. I always heard that if you wait to long to take them, then they go bad.. And three years is pretty long.
  9. I'd just trade them to some chump for some dank or something. But then you gotta watch out for karma.
  10. nah

    just throw em out.....
  11. I'm sorry, but mushrooms ARE MOLD. Let me know when mold starts to grow on mold.
  12. mushrooms are fungus.

    don't post what you don't know.

    MushroomsLatin:Agaricus bisporus and othersOnce again, we are putting something in the wrong group; mushrooms belong to neither fruit nor vegetables; they are a group of their own within the plant kingdom, but since there are so few members of the group that are edible, and they are commonly eaten alongside other members of this group, here they are.

    Popular Varieties: White, Chestnut, Shittake
    Store At: Chilled but keep them dry; mushrooms not refrigerated will go mouldy quickly. Keep them dry too.
    Comes From: Worldwide
    Seasonality: All year round

    Fungi are not really plants; they have neither chlorophyll (which gives plants their green colouration), or root systems. They do not receive nutrition in the same way as plants, and they have different growing requirements. Fungi are more similar to moulds and yeasts than they are to plants.The part of mushrooms you eat is called the fruiting body; it is within here that spores are produced; the typical method of reproduction for mushrooms, spores are tiny seedlike structures from which new plants can grow.As mentioned, fungi do not receive nutrients like plants do; instead of a root system, they have a network of fine threads called the mycelium. This can be either a few millimetres or even a few metres long; as long as it needs to go to find something to eat. And when it eats, it devours… The threads of the mycelium excrete digestive juices, which part digest the substrate the mushroom is feeding upon (rotten wood, compost etc), and then reabsorb the resulting mixture.Not many varieties of mushroom are edible, and fewer still are suitable for cultivation; even in nature, fruiting of mushrooms is unpredictable and depends on many factors, not least including precise moisture and temperature.Mushrooms should NEVER BE COLLECTED FROM THE WILD unless you are trained and have some knowledge; many (in fact most) varieties of mushrooms are in fact poisonous, and some, such as the fly agaric, can in some circumstances be fatal. If you are interested in collecting mushrooms from the wild, you should become a member of a society that hunts mushrooms and can train you, or go on a properly organised mushroom hunting holiday.

    Fresh Food Central - Mushrooms

    educate yourself.
  13. Thanks for all the info guys. We both figured 3 years was too old but it's nice to have some reassurance. And the reason it took 3 years to find them is because he doesn't live at home anymore. It was kind of funny. We went to his house to just pick up some stuff and I guess his parents had recently painted/cleaned out his old bedroom. They must have found them in his desk or something and put them out where he would see them.
  14. so I was wrong. no need to be a dick. it might not have been correct but it's what I thought I knew.

    on top of this, I still find it hard to believe that mold can grow on fungi. searching the web has brought nothing to the table.
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    i'm sorry for coming off as a dick, but telling someone that mold cannot grow on mushrooms is not only very wrong but very very dangerous. you can die after consuming mold, and someone who doesn't think that mold can grow on something will be the last to look for it on his product. he could die, and so could you by that misinformation.

    i was simply trying to point out that mold does in fact grow on mushrooms before either you or the op ate moldy boomers

    in response to your edit, here:

    Eating magic mushrooms that have gone bad

    When you are growing your own magic mushrooms and the become covered with mold, DO NOT eat them. When you have bought (fresh) or picked magic mushrooms and they have gone bad (dark brown, black, moldy), DO NOT eat them. Moldy or bad mushrooms may contain poisons and harmfull bacteria, that could make you very ill.

  16. fair enough. got any links on moldy shrooms? my curiosity is peaked. (piqued?)
  17. didn't need proof, just wanted info. google failed me on that one, so much thanks.

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