3-year-old brings pot to school

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  1. 3-year-old brings pot to school. Mother swears it isn't hers | Mom Houston | MomHouston.com

    wow lol. that is really funny. had to be the mom's
  2. hahaha "a neighbor" it was def hers :smoke:
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    heres the full story
  4. That's just crazy! I bet the anti-legalization guys put it in his bag so they would have a little ammunition. :D Just kidding. . . .or am I?
  5. "that he knew it was marijuana, knew that it was illegal, knew it was a dangerous drug,"

  6. hahah judging by the pics it looks like some bobby brown. junior needs to find some better connects :smoking:
  7. I wanna know how much "less than 20 grams" is exactlyyyyy :O

  8. yea. looks shitty and id guess about 3 or 4 grams
  9. could have been a gram baggie, cops are crap at estimating amounts of weed lol.

  10. Haha kid gloves are comin off.
  11. is that even weed? maybe it's labrador weed/
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    Unbelievable!! My grandmother was suspended from kindergarten when she was 5. She loved telling that story, too. I'm 35 now, and I've never known anyone younger to be suspended until now. Way to go, kid! Three years old, and already got his first suspension.

    C'mon. If the sheriff can figure out that this little boy obviously had no idea of the seriousness of the crime, surely the school can too. I hope that suspension doesn't stay on his school record. If I were that kid's mom, and the school didn't lift the so called suspension, I would raise hell.
  13. wtf is a 3 year old doing in an elementary school?

  14. whered you get middle school from?:confused:

    "They said the student attends the school for voluntary prekindergarten, and he was back in school Tuesday."
  15. I find it funny on how people come onto GC looking for ways to find pot with no connections. And here we go, this 3 year old managed to score some weed. HE'S 3! Too bad its some bobby brown.
  16. how much you sellin that weed for kid;)
  17. haha that kid is smart man, i bet the whole time it was really his shit and he just does the whole innocent thing cause he is 3. Respect to that young fella :smoke:
  18. Pictures of the "child" have just been released.


  19. wait what?
    they said he didnt know it was marijuana...
  20. That kid's got future!

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