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  1. put 9 seeds in rockwool 4 days ago, watered the rockwool and covered with a humidity dome (upside down plastic container). once a day i remove the dome for 15-20 minutes and water the rockwool cubes. after seeing the first sprout i don't replace the dome but continue to water the rockwool daily. 24/7 fluorescents 2 1/2 ft above cubes until sprouts show then 2" - 4" above the sprouts.

    today all have started growing, 6 have sprouted and are showing their first leaves. (100% germination yay!)

    i have a very limited grow space (4' width x 6' length x 3' height). My previous grow of 6 plants started to smell up my whole house after a couple weeks of 12/12 lighting. Can't repeat that so I'm planning to transplant rockwool starter cubes into soil in 3 gal grow bags and veg them indoors as fast as i can to 12" - 18" them put them outside to flower. we're reasonably warm into December where I live usually (first frost in late November or early December) so I'm hoping it won't be cold enough to slow flowering significantly. guess we'll see. Depending on the weather I might be looking for good mothers for next year instead :D

    3 Northern Lights, 3 Bubblegum and 3 White Widow

    Don't know how I really feel about pictures, but I might post some. guess we'll see about that too :eek:
  2. what do you guys think about my veg indoors / flower outdoors plan? i live in ky. will the weather hold long enough? haha. i'll post some pics soon probably, although everyone has seen baby sprouts before.

  3. even if temps are ok.. i don't think you'll get enough direct sunlight to flower in nov/dec in the US. The sun isn't near as strong in dec as it is in august.
  4. Ya know, for less than $100 you can get a small ozone generator that will completely take care of your smell problem. Then you can grow indoors till your heart's content.
  5. yah i wondered about that. i was hoping that flowering outdoors would alleviate the height constraints i have growing indoors right now (i have about a 3 ft tall grow space where lights and the plant containers take up their share). I'm using CFLs and was hoping the sun would penetrate the leaf canopy better to produce more buds.

    That is good to know, and no I had no idea ozone generators were so cheap. I'll look around ebay for them today... Any recommendations on specific brands or models? would something like this work for a small grow (6-10 plants less than 3' at harvest) or do i really need to spend $100+ on a bigger one?

  6. It might. I'm not sure though. It looks like that's more of a room deoderizer than a true ozone generator.

    This is what I've got http://cgi.ebay.com/CAP-OZN-Jr-Ozon...ryZ43555QQrdZ1QQssPageNameZWD1VQQcmdZViewItem. It has two run cycles - continuous and an intermittent which runs 20 minutes out of each hour. I've got it on the itermittent cycle and it still produces enough ozone to fill the 5x6 closet I'm using and to leak out under the door and fill the 10x15 bedroom too. I'm actually going to have to put it on a seperate timer to cut down it's operating cycle even more because the ozone that leaks into the bedroom bothers my eyes.

    But it does an amazing job of controling the smell.
  7. Lol, if it works that well I might go back to trying to grow in my bedroom closet instead of my crawl space. i moved out of my bedroom because of smell. then when i started flowering under the house i could smell it coming through the air conditioning vents (climate control draws air from under my house). My room was definitely alot more convenient though!
  8. picture :) I'm too organized for my own good probably...

    i hesitated to put the rockwool cubes in these small cups of soil cause they're only gonna last me a week or so at most i think before i'll have to transplant again. I just need a few more days to figure out what i'm going to do with them and i don't have an easy way to spread my lighting out if i put them in bigger containers now.

    I can either change my lighting setup so i can light all these dudes in my grow room spread out in big grow bags, or i can put them outside where they will flower. augustwest says i won't have enough sun to flower at the end of nov or dec, so what do you think about putting them out as soon as i have maybe 3 sets of 7 blade leaves and a grow tip? (hopefully in another couple weeks?)

    I wanted them to get bigger and start forming a hard stem and grow a few sets of leaves at least before i put them outside, so i put them in the cups. the grow bags are already full of soil and ready to be transplanted into, and i figure if i don't wait till these guys are root bound i won't shock them much transplanting again.

    Somebody tell me what to do :) I did order the suggested ozone generator, so that will be here in the next week or so.

    side note:
    I'm used to seeing granddaddy longlegs looking spiders under my house, but this guy in the last picture was unfamiliar to me. can anyone tell me who he is and if he's dangerous? he looks mean, hehe.

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  9. my last grow was a hydro grow that i aborted early due to insufficient odor control indoors. i've started a new grow (and ordered an ozone generator) in soil this time, and wonder what you guys think about continuing to use my hydro ferts (general hydroponics flora ferts) for my soil grow instead of buying more stuff. i'm so tired of buying stuff i just want to use what i have, haha.

    anyway, are there any know problems with using hydro ferts for soil grows? any special instructions?

    i started fertilizing with 1/4 strength complete nutes + superthrive and have built up to normal strength (1 tsp from each of the 3 bottles per gallon).

    now the plants are vegging, have cotyledons their first single bladed true leaves and are working on their first set of fan leaves. they are growing in 2 parts premiere promix bx, 1 part vermiculilte and 1 part perlite. they look plush and healthy right now, but they are just babies. i'm growing under CFLs and tentatively planned a quick sog grow due to restricted grow space.

    should i just keep on with the gen hydro nutes, increasing nutrient levels gradually unless i see signs of burn? or will i get far better results from some other simple nute change?

    i'll try to post some updated pics soon :)
  10. 14 days ago I began germinating 9 seeds - 3 white widow, 3 northern lights, 3 bubblegum. Looks like they're just almost getting ready to start some vertical growth :)

    i will probably only veg them for another couple weeks before going 12/12 - a month at the longest. we'll just have to see how fast they grow. i'll be transplanting them into 3 gal grow bags pretty soon now too.

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  11. I transplanted all those babies into 3 gal grow bags yesterday, and it was probably about exactly the right time. I could see roots just starting to come out the bottom and sides of the soil when i slipped the plants out of their cups. Today, after the first 24 hours of being transplanted there is alot of new growth on most of them. They're sooooooo purdy :)

    I really hope I can make this a successful/complete grow. I've half-completed about 10 grows now, but have never finished a plant and been able to smoke the final product. Maybe with GC help I'll get this one done!

    I'd like to get some clones to sex them before I go to 12/12 and maybe keep a mother out of the bunch for future clones, but I kindof just want to do as little as possible and make it through the complete cycle once too. I guess we'll see...
  12. Looks like a trachelas tranquillus. They feed off dead spiders and other bugs. Not poisonous, but bite can be painful.
  13. well what do you know. that DOES look exacty like the one in my picture! thanks! and thanks for checking out my grow :)
  14. new pictures.

    my original plan was to veg them for about another 2 weeks and put them outside somewhere to flower, but AugustWest says he don't know if sunlight will be intense enough this time of year even if the weather holds long enough.

    Help_Needed suggested the OZN Jr. which is now working very nicely :)

    I walked in my front door tonight where I often catch a strong whiff of green MJ and all I smelled was the clean of ozone haha. my plants are in the crawl space almost right under my front door.

    my plants are all between 4-5 inches tall and i don't know what to do with them (maybe nothing?). i've never completed a grow so guide me home GC. tell me what to do :) i don't really feel like LSTing all 9 plants to find that ony 3 are female or something and i did all that work. but i will if i need to :)

    now i'm sortof considering only vegging them long enough to get a good clone off each one, then flower these babies SOG and grow some clones as mothers for the next grow. I dunno. more mass from LST is tempting. if only i'd done this before i might know what i wanted, haha.

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  15. or i could sex them and if not too many females i could try moving the girls to my bedroom in the closet where there's much less height restriction. might be a little sketch, but i made it through a month or so with that bubbleponics setup in my closet. god i was scared the whole time though that my brother (who lives with me) would notice. I would feel alot better with the ozone generator i have now though...

    talk to me :smoke:
  16. looking good so far. considering the lights/space u have id say LST is the way to go.
  17. Actually off an SOG method it is more likely you will get much more weight out of your grow then on a LST'd plant
  18. cool, SOG is the way i'm leaning anyway. no cloning, no tying, no screens just 12/12. And I think I'll have to 12/12 pretty soon considering my space.
  19. just checking out ur grow-- looking good man: cant wait to see some finished +rep
  20. buy a carbon scrubber for smell, or build one for half the price. Ozone generators are good, but high levels of ozone are bad for plants. YOu can make a scrubber, and buy a cheap small ozone gen. for 30 on ebay or something. probably cost you under 100 altogether.

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