3 wks into flowering and no buds!?!?!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by 420stoner, Oct 2, 2007.

  1. my sativa/indica hybrid and my mostly indica plants have been under 12/12 for 3 weeks and i have pistils but no small buds...is this normal?
  2. Are they under flouro's? If they are don't expect HUGE results.. alot of the pics you see are of nugs grown under MH or HPS lighting.. which offers a little more results than flouro's.. Other than that are you feeding them?
  3. they r under floros and im giving them pure water
  4. don't expect a lot duder..... go get yerself some cheap nutes for flowering and just hope for the best. It takes about 2 weeks for them to even start showing under floros so just be happy you have females and expect them to take forever.
  5. Flouros can be as good as mh/hps. You just have to have enough for what you're growing. I grew this in 7 weeks at 12/12 from germ with 5 15 watt flouros that gove off 60 watts equivilent.:smoke:

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  6. 60 watts of Floro?!?!?!?!?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! dude, why waste your time with that bullshit..... you will produce more in the window. Don't give this guy false hope and frankly your plant is weak and should be conisidered as a reason NOT to flower under floros!
  7. maybe you should give them a low dosage of bloom food, and if you have a lot of beg food or nitrogen it will hamper flowering ,, or if the plant isn't old enough it will hamper flowering

    good luck bro ,, but i would invest in some MH or HPS ,, make it worth the time ,,;)
  8. i have 3 plants under flos. but i have almost 270w with all the lights. you need at least 50w per plants
  9. or and it's really not about MH or HPS ,, it really is about watts per sf ,, or even better lumens
    over distance ,, is were it is really at ,, the lumens are what the plants respond to ,, and increasing watts psf is another way of increasing lumens ,, kinda hand for hand!
  10. How close are the lights to the tops of the plants?
  11. at anytime they are 4 to 6in and the grow room temp is 75 to 80 on any given day. i have a thread i just started on the beginers forum with lots of pics. the name is first cfl grow(almost 2 weeks into flowering) it might help. pics have helped me alot
  12. the lights r only 2-3 inches from plant and i have a total of 280 acual watts for one plant so there isnt anything wrong with my lighting
  13. my indica was small so i took it for clones
  14. well it might just be the strain then. can you post some pics. i have 3 plants and its day 12 for me and i have buds forming all over all of them. how long did you veg for? what type of nutes are you using and what is the strain
  15. You might have a light leakage problem and your plant arent getting a completely dark night period.

    Best way to tell, keep your lights off for 24-48 hours straight. This usually sends a plant into shock and jump starts flowering. The plant should turn a little lighter green color, maybe even yellow at some parts. But after about a week of regular 12-12(11-13) light, there should be noticeable increase in pistils/stigmas and increased growth at branch nodes.

    And make sure that you fertillize with some plant food. Only costs like 5 bucks and is pretty much the only way a plant can reliably and continuosly get nutrients indoors. Try to get plant food with an increased phosphorous content or just any plant food that's meant for fruiting/blooming plants. If you wanna put a little more money into it, get Fox Farms Tiger Bloom, I heard it works great.

    You still might not notice any real bud development for a couple weeks if your plants have been going without nutrition for a while. Just water them every 4-5 days, and be patient.

    Good luck.
  16. damn transamage, I was going to say the same thing to t/rav just not so meanly.. eheheh but that is funny what he said.. I guess he just about has mh/hps results in that picure doesn't he? ehehhehhee

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