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3 Weeks

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by dankster401, May 21, 2013.

  1. i realize these times vary for everyone and i also realize there are alot of post on this already but i cant find an answer for myself....i have never been drug tested before and i have 3 weeks + 1 day to be clean.. im a small guy so im guessing i have a high metabolism because i eat alot of junk food.... (Or used to at least) .. I have stopped drinking pop and have been drinking all water since i found out i have to drop....  I just have to go to a hospital or anywhere i can do a drug test and show the court.. so my question is will i be clean in 3 weeks? Its cutting it close i feel like and im nervous as hell.. i was an everyday smoker for about 5 years...... i actually needed a break so i am kind of happy.. but im tweaking cause if i piss clean then i get all these charges dropped... anyone who has had 3 weeks or any of the same experience please post a comment it would be MUCH appreciated... i weigh 130 and i i am prob like 5'8

  2. also sorry if this post is in the wrong spot or anything.........
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    I also have a high metabolism. I was on probation for 18 months and I would smoke two weeks and stop two weeks. I was only tested three times but I tested myself before every monthly meeting and was clean every time. I smoked everyday for the two weeks that I would smoke but don't recall how much.....
  4. ya im gonna test myself before for sure..... haha its just cutting it so close i feel like so thats why i am asking... I feel like i should be ok because of my weight and height and i have been very inactive the past like year .. just playing video games n shit... so i feel like now that im getting up and doing shit it might get out of my system a little bit faster... i have no idea tho : / nervous 
  5. Sounds like it's not supervised, so just substitute to ensure a pass.
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    haha i was thinking about it............ but i would rather just piss clean if i can i mean i already quit completely.... i mean i would rather do that then drop dirty but i would rather not carry around piss with me and like i said im a noob to this drug testing.. i mean do you guys THINK i will be good? considering i had been smoking for about 5 years : / thats what scares me..
  7. took a at home drug test 2 and half weeks after smoking for almost 5 years everyday! i tested negative ... saying there was no marijuana in my system! i dont know how reliable these are..... but it said on the package 99.9% accurate...... Real deal for me tomorrow ! so hopefully i pass with flying colors! i also took this at home test 2 days ago
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    The tests I got for probation were basically the same thing that I would buy at the store. A testing facility can send it off for more extensive testing but generally they won't unless they have a, piss is super clear. At least in my experience.
  9. Good luck.  Even with your tolerance, 3 weeks would likely do the trick
  10. Hello fellow tokers. This is my first post. hope i can help. In my experiences it goes like this: 19-25 days for a piss test; 75-80 days for a blood test; and 90+ days for a hair sample.  :bongin:
  11. I think you might be off on the blood test thing. Although I am not 100% sure on that. But from my understanding, your blood will clean out quicker than your urinary tract.
  12. Seconded on that blood test thing. The detection window length goes
    saliva>blood> urine>hair
    blood is ridiculously short. Saliva is so hilarious its a waste of time.  a mouth swab just checks to see if you smoked a bowl then showed up. you can pass those in 48 hours. My ex-gf passed in 24 and toked up at home after.
  13. i passed my test!3 weeks and i was good  :metal:  :smoke:  :hello:
  14. Congratulations man, here's to a second chance now that the charges are dropped
  15. get some one to pee ina pill bottle and use that.. it works cuz i done it when i was on probation in the past

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