3 weeks wtf is going on

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  1. Ok wth is going on i have been on another forum but they really dont make sense....they said it is over watering.... so someone please tell me thanks!


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  2. how many times a week do you water,how much do you give them,what kind of soil are you using and what kind of lights are you under
  3. full spectrum for lighting flurecents...no it isnt my lights i know that i use to water every day but now 2-3 days so i dont over waterthem thats what they said so ya.... soil is normal soil out of the bag garden soil..... so ya i am just wondering if i am over watering them or what ever i would like to know

    sorry if this didnt make sense but im chopped
    but i tried

  4. Usually over-watering causes more of just drooping in the leaves, yours look burned. I dont know what it is, but it doesn't LOOK like over-watering to me.

    I could be wrong.
  5. The soil looks completely drenched. Did you just water before taking the pic? Is that potting mix you're using? It almost looks like top soil.
  6. well from the pics the soil does look a little muddy. so i would mix some perlite or something to help drainage. how much water doe you give the plants each time you water
  7. In my Humble opinion it's a case of either:
    1. Over fertilization.
    2. If no fertilizer or "plant food" is being used then maybe something in the soil is
    burnin' those leaves.

    May be kitty has pee'd in the soil ?

    You could rinse out your soil with much fresh water or try and pry out those roots and transplant into fresh stuff.

    However, others may have other answers....?

    Goodluck to you .
  8. i use to water it every day like 1 m of water 3 times a day..... and it starts doing this
  9. i give my plants that are that size and at 3 weeks 100ml or lower every 2 or 3 days. sounds like you are giving them way to much h20 a good way to tell if you plants need water is put your fingure an inch or 2 in the soil and if the tip is moist wait another day.
  10. You water 3 times a day?
  11. well i use to....grrr... i knew i should have listend to him...fuck
  12. it all good easy to fix just cut way back on the watter and regulate how much you give
  13. I let my soil dry out at least 1" below the top before watering. I keep a 2"- 2 1/2" deep hole near the side of the pot. About as big around as my finger. I use the hole as a reference. Once the soil is completely dry at least 1" down, I water.

    You do appear to have a little nute burn. What kind of soil are you using? Is it one that claims to continuous feed for 3-4 months? That could be your problem as well. You could get some good organic soil, ( I use peat moss) Carefully cut the bottom of your pot off, Put some nute free soil in a larger pot, and then place your pot with the bottom cut off in the larger pot.
  14. mine are way bigger but either way i just water my plants 1-2 times a day the whenever the soil is dry. its usually like 2 times a day for the bigger ones but once for the smaller ones i think your like trying to hard with watering i just wait till they are dry and they are fine.
  15. there should be no reason why you need to water 2 times a day if you plants are 3 weeks old. just water more in the morninga nd then you souldnt water for another day or 2. if your soil is drying out that quick it must be really hot in your room
  16. they are overwatered.. mine looked the exact same after 3 weeks and i'm really pissed at myself for it.

  17. i did that....imma do that as a reference...how much should i water them after the 1 inch is some what dry/dry
  18. Alright seriously wtf is going on.....FUCK!

    i think i need some new soil or feed them at least somthing imma go for MG.....it might make it test weird but if that fixes it imma get some good shit

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  19. Check your ph. It should be around 6.5 - 7. Adjust if it's not there. Pretty sure you have a magnesium deficiency. Get some epsom salt add a teaspoon to a gallon of water and get that plant some veg nutes. It's 3 weeks old, so you should be feeding it already. Start off with 1/2 or less strength of the recommended dosage.

    1 tbs per gallon mix ratio is for once every 2 weeks. So you can give your plants the teaspoon per gallon every other watering until you're good.

    You're using fluoros so you should be watering every 5 days or so. Make sure the top is completely dry an inch or more down. Then water until you see water coming out of the drain holes, stop. Also it's good to flush your plants every 3-4 weeks.

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