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3 Weeks Until Drug Test - 61 128lbs Fast Metabolism

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by megaloptus, Jan 18, 2014.

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    So, I meet my probation officer at the beginning of each month once, and so far I haven't been tested at all. I have seen her twice so far. The crime was non drug related, but I'm still being as cautious as I can. Before I saw my P.O. for the first time, I stayed clean for 25 days because she notified me with much time to not smoke. I meet her, and no test. I smoked once a few days after that, and quit again for 27 days. After seeing her a second time, and not being tested, I decided I needed to take a breather, so I smoked almost everyday for the first week, and the following week I only got high once or twice a day ( From resin or reclaim ).
    I stopped smoking yesterday, and have exactly 21 days being clean ahead of me.
    I'm relatively tall, and very, very skinny. My metabolism is extremely fast, and I only gain weight if I'm smoking frequently. Whenever I quit smoking I'll drop down to around 120lbs.
    Do you think I have a great chance to naturally cleanse in 21 days, or should I workout in sweats and drink plenty of water until my test?

  2. yeah you'll be fine. exercise a lot too.

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  3. Damn you're skinny and tall lol make sure you drink lots and lots and lots of fluids. It can't be stressed enough. Exercise a lot too. THC gets stored in your fat, and like me, you barely have any.. so it will work to your advantage. Just exercise and drink! Good luck! :smoke:
  4. you should be okay
    are you a guy or a girl?
  5. Dude you're fine. I'm on probation too, and I smoke routinely. (Going to stop soon though.) I've passed tests with one week of sobriety (Lots of excercise) I don't have the  fastest metabolism either. But, as far as probation goes.. From the first test, I claimed I had anxiety, and couldn't piss (Partially true) and I get oral swabs. But your question, 3 weeks is plenty.
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    Drink lots of water, I drink a gallon a day. I take drug every month no problems so far ! I am 6'3" 255 lb. I stop 10 days before, works a little different for everyone.
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    Imma skinny ass dude who can burn fat from sneezing
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    Holy skin and bones! You should have THC out of your system in as little as 10 days or less with that weight and your metabolism.
  9. This is a pretty late follow up question, but I really need to know:
    How much water should I drink a day? I've been going with 5 500ml bottles a day so far.
  10. You just want to stay hydrated. If every time (besides the first time of the morning) you're voiding clear urine, you're good.
  11. I'm sorry sir, but you just described me.
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    [quote name="megaloptus" post="19389388" timestamp="1390446434"]This is a pretty late follow up question, but I really need to know:How much water should I drink a day? I've been going with 5 500ml bottles a day so far.[/quote]Don't worry about it, infact goto CVS right now and get a 10$ test... With your body I bet you could pass it nowThought the post was dec 18 ( didn't think the 3 weeks through)Just drink 3000ml of water a day...5x500s is barely the recommended around to stay healthy
  13. My local headshop sells a detox drink for $50 that cleans your system in 3 days. Try to find something like it just Incase.
  14. 6'1" and 128 lbs, I'm sure if you smoked weed while taking a drug test it wouldn't show up lol
  15. from someone who has experience, with an average build and relatively fast metabolism, if you dont smoke every day it will not show up on a drug test at all. i have smoked the day before a drug test and passed without any detection whatsoever. they were probation ua's too. generally the cutoff is 15ng/ml or billionths of a gram. when i smoked every day morning until i went to sleep it only took me about a 2 weeks to get back down to 0ng/ml. 
  16. and they will not ever drug test you unless they say they will and you cannot be charged with anything on the first drug test. i know because i failed my first probation drug test and i was told i could fail it and be fine. it was funny they expected thc to stay in my system for up to a month so i just kept toking knowing that as long as i keep it a low thc level they wont care. even knowing this and smoking occasionally i still passed though. you have absolutely nothing to worry about, go smoke a bowl

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