3 weeks under 600 watt lumatek pics

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    hows she look 3weeks and like 3 days. i topped her like a 5 days ago and nothin g seems to be growing is brown where i cut is it this normal? i also went away for three days and the person who was supposed to water did not so they got a little fucked up but not much oh and happy frog soil and 3 part advanced nurtients

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  2. How close is the light to the plant? It looks too close. Need at least 12 inches between a 600w light and the plant. Also looks like it might be too hot in your grow space due to the large "ruffles" along the edges of the leaves. That is usually a sign of heat stress.
  3. its actually running on 400 watt mode its about 12 14 inches away
  4. Seems stunted. You should check the Ph of your soil. Make sure your plant isnt having any nute lockout or salt build up n what not. Leaves are droopy as well. Could be overwatering or underwatering (in your case you said underwatered soo...)

    No, its not normal for the apical meristem to turn brown after you top it. You should post some pics of that.
  5. Looks good keep updated.:smoke:
  6. looks like its gettin way to hot.....
  7. yea i just measured the distance its around 12 inches is that too much but i also have a fan sitting right next to it so would that be enough to cool it? my house is always set to 68 so its not hot at all in their
  8. Im now concerend i have a couple of problems one my room is coated in mylar and has MANY crinkles in it. It is not completley flat against the wall because of my fan is this a problem? and their seems to be a little hint of yellow on some of the leaves. Could this be from the underwatering for the three days i was away or is it nute lock up im using the nutes on 1/2 strenght PLEASE HELP THIS IS MY ONLY MOTHER

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