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3 weeks old, Pics and ??'s.

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by OG Wutang, Jun 17, 2011.

  1. Shouldnt these be much bigger for being 3 weeks since they were planted?

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  2. How much sunlight is that area getting? Did you just plant the seed in the soil, or start inside? I'd say its doing alright just needs time to establish roots in the rough soil, looks good.
  3. we raked out the area, put some soil down and put in the seeds. It gets good sunlight, but im not sure how long. As you see in the first picture there is a baby plant that just sprouted up. Do you think that is moveable? I want to put one where i know gets sun all day long.
  4. I would get a second opinion other than mine. my 2 cents: Leave the bigger ones whos tap root have already done some work and are harder to transplant. The one that just sprouted up can carefully be transplanted. You will see a lot of growth in the next month, don't worry about the others not getting enough sun. It will be fine.
  5. Im leaving all of the plants there, besides the baby one. It seems odd that i planted all the seeds at the same time and 2 just sprouted up a couple days ago. Do you have any advice on moving a plant?
  6. Must just be the picture, but that does not look like cannabis to me. Better picture? I would wet the area for easier extraction. I would dig a circle with a radius of 6 inches around the sprout. Carefully lift it all at once. Another option to explore is to put this sprout, 5 gallon. They do really well and its a great backup because its movable and much more forgiving then the ground.
  7. bad pictures, from a cell phone.
  8. That is just the way seeds go. Some pop up right away, while others take longer. Had a couple that took 10 days one time. They are only small cause they are putting all their energy into the root system right now. Once they get some good roots established they will take off like rockets. Be patient. Should be any day now. Good luck man.

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