3 weeks of flowering and buds are Really small

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  1. This is my first grow dwc and it will be three weeks come wed and I'm also having same trouble or worse trouble...

    Only thing i can think of its the lights...? I have a 400w mh instead of a hps... Did a lot of research and you can use mh will make the buds stronger but a little more fluffy instead of dense...

    I ordered a 600w hps should be here mon or tue and i'm going to use both but with that said, when i did my first grow ever i used 3x double 4foot fluorescent lights (6 four foots total)and had buds within a few days to a couple weeks and that was with way less lighting.

    Or maybe temps in my room? it stays really cool usually upper 60's during the day and low 60's during the night...grant it when i get the second light it might go up a little but not too much...

    I posted pics in another thread with a guy that thought he had the same problem but didn't...here is the link http://forum.grasscity.com/hydroponic-growing/1153739-why-my-buds-so-small-week-three-3.html
  2. why why why are you using an MH light for flowering?? it doesn't have the right light spectrum for the plants to produce the best flowers they can, you'd be better off using a red cfl bulb than a MH light for flowering mate
  3. it was the mh or nothing...I ordered a 600w HPS should be here mon or tue..I've read u can use mh for flowering that it isn't prefered but it will work... in a day or two i should have a 1000w total with the mh and hps both running... The nutes i'm running is GH Flora Nova Bloom
  4. should have used that time to veg longer until you got the hps, unless you're totally out of space

    obviously the hps will make a big difference. if you have the space to run both that's ideal. you really want to bring those temps well into the 70's with lights on so hopefully new light will help on that front too.

    also, lots of variability in genetics. ive had plants with virtually nothing at 3wk explode a couple weeks later.
  5. Yeah i was going to think of a way to get the backroom up in temps a little. i had to start flowering because i was out of room and the light would have been threw the roof if i didn't hurry up and switch lighting schedule. It grew a little more but looks like it has slowed down and starting to flower a little more. Thanks for the help its got to be the temps, lights, or genetics like you said...

  6. I beg to differ. A MH will put out a lot more light than a CFL will. A MH is a lot more effective than a red CFL bulb. Flowering with a metal halide isn't the end of the world, it just isn't the absolute best choice.

    Buds really don't start getting big on most 8-10 week strains till the last 3 to 4 weeks.
  7. I use MH for the first 2-3 weeks of flower before switching to HPS. You'll be fine using it.
  8. Yeah, i've used MH begining to end with good results... that said, I now flower with a 600w HPS, and the end result is better. but you can def. get it done with a MH
  9. well i have thermostat in there now set at 72 just waiting on the new hps light

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