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    hi everyone, just looking for abit of advice on my indoor grow, im 3 weeks into flowering, ive noticed that the leafs are starting to turn pale green and yellow, also the leafs and stems are drooping over is this normal?
    i fed them every 3 days with biobizz products they roughly take about a litre each which i think im under watering them.
    should i only fed once, and if needing more just water for the rest of that week then fed the next week then just water the rest of that week?
    i currently have them under a 400hps, temp stays between 68-78, and humidity stays between 48-55.
    ive uploaded a few photos to try get as much advice as possible thanks for looking and hope to hear from you all!


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  2. From my limited experience, they look under watered: at least from the drooping leafs.

    I'd like to know myself the cause of the yellowing of the leafs though. That happened to me last grow.
  3. Plants that size will be using more than a litre in 3 days, give them a good watering until there is run off. Then dont water/fed until the top 2 inches of soil is bone dry, it also depends on how well your soil drains.
    But your problem looks to be a pH problem. You need your pH to be around pH6.5.
    The leaves at the very bottom of my plants go yellow and fall off. I dont pass much remarks on that, as long as the top growth is healthy. I'd rather have a small nutrient deficency than my plants having nute burn.

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