3 weeks into flowering, nutrient burn?

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  1. Hello,
    A few of my fan leaves have brown areas and I don't know what the reason is. I'm using FoxFarm nutrient trio and I've been working my way up to full strength doses so I really don't know if its nutrient burn. Can anyone help me out?

    Also, my girls aren't very smelly yet why could this be? Shouldn't they be very stinky by now? How are they looking for being 3 weeks into flowering? (my first grow) :smoke:

  2. The browning
  3. Your plants are looking great, those isolated spots are from spilling fertilized water on your plant. Happens all the time nothing to worry about. About the smell, they won't smell untill about 6 to 7 weeks flower so you got a while.
  4. Also you are a little under fertilized, look at your stems. they should be green almost all the way up to the leaves, another sign of needing nutes are leaf tip burns.
  5. Yes, a few of my leaves tips are burnt a little. Every watering I have been using 1/2 strength doses. Do you think I should go full strength next watering? Its 2-3 tsp of tiger bloom and big bloom.

    Thanks very much for the info too :)
  6. Sorry if this sounds dumb but what do you mean by under fertilized? :confused:
  7. Tiger Bloom is really strong. I would personally never go above 2 tsp/gallon with it.
  8. I assume you are in soil, if so what size container how often do you fertilize and how many waterings in between nutes and how much water each time.
    I've never used any of the pre/mix nutes, im old school. I buy bulk fertilizers and mix the ratios myself because not all plants are equal, some strains need more of different things.
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    what mostly concerns me is whats going on in the soil, another thing i add inbetween nutes is 3% h202 (hydrogen peroxide), 2 tsp per gallon this does many things, most importantly kills nonbeneficial bacteria and fungus while supporting bennys. your plants create waste in the soil, its mostly dead skin surrounding the roots. thats why i go 3 to 4 waterings between nutes and swing my ph down, thats a natural flush without the drama and soggy soil. What you end up with is healthy roots ready to take everything you give them.

    in order for this cleansing inbetween nutes to happen the ph should be low like 6 - 6.2 and then when you fertilize ph 7 this way you dont burn fresh roots.
  10. The container size is 1-1.5 gallons i'm guessing. I fertilize at 1/2 doses every watering, which is every 3-4 days. Every water is 1 gallon split between the 3. I am using soil, the FF normal mix.

  11. Fox farm feed chart only recommended 2tsp

  12. Yes but on the bottle it says 2-3 tsp for normal feeding and 4 tsp for heavy feeding...

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