3 weeks into flowering and NOTHING!

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  1. What are the most common things that would keep a plant from flowering 3 weeks into a 12/12 cycle.

    Heres the setup. One confirmed Female approx 3 ft. tall, 50 cfm intake in a 100 cf area, i only exhuast during the 12 on cycle and that has about 150 cfm exhaust located in the upper part of the grow room, using soil as medium no nutes just well water "doesn't appear to have any nuet deficiency no discoloration or weeping leaves. 4 gallon pot, 400w hps temp at night is around 60 F. during the 12 off cycle and 85 F. during the 12 on cycle.

    My theory is i'm an impatient fool and keep looking at it. exposing it to light during the 12 off stage. But heres the scenario i jut changed the cycle from 12 on @ 12:00 pm to 12 on @ 7:30 AM about 2 weeks ago i haven't really exposed it to light other then the 85W light bulb in my room.

    Any and all input is greatly appreciated.

  2. switching the light like you did more than likely stunned it..it should be kicking back in shortly if it didnt already...and 2 exposing to light in its dark period will stun it as well and maybe cause it to hermie...best of luck
  3. Yea i figured so. but it being such a small amount of light i was wondering if there is anything else that would cause this BTW heres some pics



    Yes... Everyone bow to the greatness that is WOOGIE!

    For some reason Thundercleese and Woogie love my grow room
  4. Try the search button here. Read a grow guide. There are do's and don'ts. Disturbing the light cycle is a definite don't. How did you confirm it was a female? If you shock the plant, it can hermie. No more female. Crappy seedy bud.
  5. Its female no balls just small protrusions with 2 hairs sticking out of them. I have researched extensively, thus coming to the conclusion that exposing it to 10-30 seconds of 85W light once every 2 days may be retarding its flowering cycle. ill keep it on a strict regime from now on.

    Would this amount of light seeping through be enough to confuse it? i know this is bad shot but thats all i could get

  6. I seriously doubt that little light woulda have any serious effect on the plant. I room is about as lightproof as yours.:smoke: you prolly just scared her a little with the flashes of light. Let her sleep when she needs to and I bet she'll bounce right back at ya. My baby is 3 weeks and 2 days into flowering so we're practically brothers. Good luck keep us updated.:smoke::smoke:
  7. Will do Cal. Setup some pics here i would love to see your baby.
  8. A green light or two will solve your problem if you have to go in there when the lights are off. The plants won't absorb green light, that's why they're green ;) It won't interrupt the flowering cycle, just don't turn on anything but a green light during the 12 off part.
  9. hmm. never thought of that before so what kind of green light are you talking about any links for something like this?
  10. cover the end of a flashlight with a green piece of plastic or glass
  11. Go to any store with a reasonable selection of lights. The lights I've seen used are just like a regular 60 watt bulb, only green.
  12. A bulb like this should work fine.

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  13. Choice!
  14. Im interested in this green light business. It is impossible to make my grow closet completely lightproof but when my plants are sleeping i just leave alll the lights off in my room so no lights will seep into the closet which is pretty annoying because i cant turn the lights on in my bedroom for 12 hours of the day. So you are saying it would be fine to put one of those green lights in my lamp in my room it wouldnt bother the plants any. When i shut my closet there is just small cracks, no beams of light directly enter the closet it just becomes a tad bit brighter in the closet but its what i would still consider dark in there. The green light sounds interesting.....

  15. Correct.

    That's found in several books, but the picture I posted is from Marijuana Horticulture: The Indoor/Outdoor Medical Grower's Bible by Jorge Cervantes. $25 at Barnes & Noble.

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