3 weeks into flower and not much happening

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  1. Hello grasscity,

    Plants are medi kush and white widow. they have been in flower for three weeks now and to my surprise there is not much bud formation. the girls stretched during the first week and a half but now they aren't doing much. ithey have lots of light, the temp isnt too high, the humidity should be low, the only thing that could be hurting them is the nutes. this has never happened to previous girls though so im not sure its even that. ive been giving them very small amounts of a general 20-20-20 fertilizer.

    here are some pictures:
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    what do you think gc? i guess the best thing to do would be buy some better food, but are they a lost cause now?
  2. i think part of the problem is the nutes. just the ratios tho, you need to change the diet as well as the lights to get them to bloom. when you pump them full of N in the first weeks of flower it sends them mixed signals.

    they do have some signs of too much N some of the leaf tips are curling under, but generally they look pretty good. i would get some food that has drastically less Nitrogen, and from what i see they are very far from a lost cause.

    right diet, right lights, right PH, you should be along just fine. might take bit of time to see a change, but keep going.

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