3 weeks in, plants not looking too hot.

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    ok this is my first grow, so try to be specific with any suggestions. i started LST this morning, and when i was checking my plants i noticed that they looked like shit.

    i only have two plants, the first two pics are of one plant and the second two are of the other.

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  2. Are you using any nutrients? What do you have for lighting?
  3. I would say that looks like a phosphorous deficiency. Worm castings, fish meal or Tiger Bloom can help you take care of that. It also looks like you're overwatering just a bit. Cut back to maybe twice a week with just about a cup full each time and see what that does for ya.

    Good Luck!!
  4. I'm by far an expert bro cause my plant isn't doing so great but better now a days but it looks like your soil is soggy as hell do to over watering and it looks like your using cfl's so get those lights closer cause it looks like your girl is stretching...but thats my guess don't quote me.
  5. Looks a little overwatered, as stated above.
    Also it almost looks a little nitrogen hungry, what soil are you using?
    Go ahead and invest on some good veggin fert like Fox Farms Grow Big or somethin, and if it continues to yellow and turn light green from the bottom up, start feeding. 1/4 teaspoon first watering and increase every other watering. Also make sure your ph isnt out of whack, use distilled water as it has a nuetral ph range of what your lookin for.
    As for overwatering, water only until you start seeing water draining from the bottom, remember mj likes nice thorough waterings just enough to drench the soil.
    Good luck, and stick to it budd:smoke:
  6. One more thing that could totally change that plant..
    Buy some Fox Farms Ocean Forest soil from a local hydro shop, or online..
    Transplant asap and that plant will take off with the right love and care my friend.

  7. no nutrients yet, i need recommendations. i have about 90w CFL

    thanks for the help
  8. looks like green mold on top of the dirt can't believe no one has noticed it yet get those babies in some new soil fox farm or black gold not MG. Make sure you have a fan that moves the air around so you don't grow mold and only water 1/3 of the pot size with water about every couple days or when it starts to dry about 1 in deep into your soil. Over watering is a big issue with new growers.
  9. if that is mold definitely transplant right away, but that doesn't look like any trichoderma I've ever encountered in shroom growing. To me it looks more like super damp peat moss but again, it if is mold transfer immediatley! And if it is moss, cut down on watering.

  10. yea its just moss. i figured i was overwatering
  11. Yeah, I would definitely cut down on watering and that plant is probably big enough to use some ferts, just start with a low concetration at first.

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