3 weeks in flowering

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by monsterhill, Sep 25, 2010.

  1. I am 3 - 4 weeks weeks in to flowering the hairs on my lady are starting to change i have 1 or 2 red hairs.

    I was growing under a 125w cfl and iv upgraded to a son t 250w hps which seems about 10 times brighter.

    i guess i have about 1 month left until harvest maybe 2 months.

    iv not done a good job of keeping a record.

    My question is will 1 - 2 months under the new 250w hps light make a difference to the size of the buds?

    Is a son-t lamp good? it looks like a bright orange/red/yellow iv been told its a good lamp.

    cant believe that i got a good quality Italian hps system for under £60 inc bulb it hardly gets hot at all "Touch wood"

    after harvest would it be a mistake to regenerate my female?
  2. your using more watts now... no matter what your going to see more results... period... nice move on the step up...
  3. i was just using cfls on my 1st grow and got a 150 hps about half way through the grow and they loved it so yes it will make a big difference brov
  4. That's great. hopefully the 250w hps will help my shiva shanti. its sure been a interesting grow.

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