3 weeks in and dont see budding yet?

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  1. This is my first grow attempt and I am hoping to get reassurance that I am on the right track. I have 6 plants 3 weeks into flowering stage (12/12). The strains are pineapple express and sour diesel (3 each). The lighting I have is an 4ft. 8 bulb sunblaster with 6 red and 2 blue with an additional 4ft 6 bulb sunblaster with 3 red and 3 blue as side lighting. Did lst training on all 6 to keep height down to a min. Grow area is approx. 4ft by 2.5ft by 8ft tall. I have not seen any evidence of budding yet. With this light setup when should I start to see something? I am using fox farms oceanic blend soil in 3 gallon pots. I know t5s arent optimum for flowering but that is all the budget will allow at this time. Any comments will be greatly appreciated. thk u

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  2. @ 3 weeks I don't expect a great deal of budding. So I wouldn't be worried. Have they revealed there sex yet?
  3. Yes , From all the info I have read and pics. I have seen here they all appear to be female.

  4. Its seems you have a sativa there and it will take some time to start flowering compared to an indica strain after the light switch (12/12) and especially if you are using T5'S. They will get there but some sativas can take 16 weeks on 12/12 under HPS to be ready.
    (good luck).

  5. Not 16 weeks more like 11 to 12 weeks at the very most

  6. Yes maybe with the perfect environment. My first and present grows are sativa dominant grown under HPS and they seem to take forever to bloom compared to my kush and skunk or anything indica based. After this grow (i did from clones) i will never grow sativas again.

    (sorry for the link).

    Grow Marijuana FAQ, Cannabis cultivation - marijuana growing tips & photos
  7. I always use saliva dominant plants and my average flower time is between 8 and 12 weeks with little sign of bud for the 1st 4 weeks.
    They are slow but very worth the wait.
    Just beware of the height as some can stretch real tall.
  8. thanks for all your responses. I checked them today and I am noticing a bunch of little white hairs coming from everywhere. I guess that means I am on the right track and will have to try to sit back and be patient.
  9. okay dont worry, i see preflowers and its a female :) . I gues you got some slow growing ladies unless you've been stressing them out, best advice is wait it out , cant go wrong.
  10. We are another 2 weeks in and this is where I am at. Does anyone have a time frame for harvest ? Also I am running out of height and was wondering if it was ok to trim off the few stems that are getting very close to the light. Thanks for all your help.

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  11. Trming stems from a flowering plant isn't a good idea as the stress could result in a hermie.
    If possible can u tie it to grow away from the light or buy some benders (little plastic things that strap onto a stem to bend it to desired path)
    From the looks of it you may have another 5/6 weeks left but listen to your plant shell tell you when she's ready.

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