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3 week t-break, fuuuuu

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by tehzpoon, Mar 30, 2016.

  1. I'm a stay-at-home dad. I have a huge anxiety disorder, as well as moderate-to-severe chronic pain, which triggers the anxiety. The pain is why I smoke mmj, and it has a bonus side-effect of mitigating my anxiety. I have been in a pretty heavy medication trend, 3 bowls a day minimum, for almost a year.

    My dispensary has stopped weighing extra for stems, and we're not super well-off, so I can't keep buying the amounts I would need to medicate with any efficacy. You can see my need for a t-break.

    I took a week-long t-break, returned to smoking at miniscule levels, which were effective the first day. Day 3 back smoking and nothing short of 3 bowls was doing anything... So I decided I had to take a 3-week break. I'm a week in.

    I'm just having a hard time mentally, dealing with the pain and the everyday stress. I think some encouragement might help me not feel like pulling my damned hair out through the next two weeks.

    Got any uplifting words, advice, or just general encouragement?
  2. Well you're lucky you're not me. I got slapped with a UPM for a blunt and ~5g's. Can't smoke for a year and two months now and I'm still scared about what the judge is going to do to me.
  3. I can give you encouragement- good luck, it will be worth it to take a three week break. Since you have access to a dispensary is some CBD available? I have a friend who gets cartridges he smokes in an ecig that he says help him stay calm. We're in a non medical state, but I have ordered MiracleSmoke online. It's hemp, but it helped me sleep. I realize spending more money is not what you need to do, though.
  4. You are going to be ok. If you get stressed about it, just remember it is only temporary. For me, just the thought of knowing you will eventually get to smoke can calm you greatly. Or you can just say fuck it and switch to dabbing. It will get you relief for sure, but will raise your tolarence even more. Good luck to you. You lived before without cannabis and you can live now without cannabis.
  5. Although I have never dabbed oil, you should look into especially if you're in a legal state. More cost effective for those on a budget. I imagine .1g oil will get you more medicated than smoking .5g across three bowls.

    intital cost of getting a good rig, nail, and torch could set you back 200$ish. Idk honestly never dabbed. I've seen someone say 1g of oil is equal to a quarter of bud. So you may just need a teeny weeny dab to have the effects you need

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