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3 Week RV Trip. What are my chances?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by comediandisco, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. I will we having a pipe and some weed with me and my friend while we travel accross the country.

    I can't wait to park my RV in the middle of the forest of Colorado or in the Red Stone of Arizona where we will not be bothered and pack our bowl and chill to the beauty.

    What are the chances I get pulled over and checked.
  2. If you seriously think some cop is just going to be walking around in the forest/desert looking for people who are smoking weed, you should try to be less paranoid.

    The only way I see you getting caught is if you are pulled over and searched.
  3. if you drive good then dont worry cops only pull you over if you do something bad
  4. Why dint u just post in the other thread? Kind of spam but ok. Cops don't waste their time with that.
  5. Thanks guys. What if I travel across the states and only at night would hide
  6. Well it depends, how far is the trip? Through what states? Some roads out of cali have checkpoints where they a dog might alert. But if you stay away from those and always drive the speed limit and adhere to the rules of the road you won't get pulled over. I've driven from Iowa to Oregon then back to Iowa with dirty paraphernalia in the car. I just went the speed limit and I was fine, never bothered by a cop.

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