3 week old plants size problems

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    I began from seed just under 3 weeks ago. I just completed my first flush following my first feed 3 days ago with the master A & B from humbolt nutrients. My pH has been consistently high around 7.5 but the foliage has actually been looking healthy in my opinion. Haha but if I knew what I was doing I probably wouldn't be asking.

    Avg temp: 77 Fahrenheit
    Avg Humidity: 58%

    I feel like I must be doing something wrong. I've seen other people's 3 week old plants and they are almost a foot tall! Is it nutrient lockout because of the high pH? 3 weeks.JPG 3 weeks.2.JPG
  2. oh and lighting is 2 24'' t5 garden lights, 1 24'' LED, and the 150W overhead grow light. And I half dosed the Master A&B on the feed a couple days ago.
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  3. It's growing fine.. though if you don't have a ph tester I'd at the least go to the pet store and buy a ph solution test kit... plant foods dramatically change water ph so it's best to ph it back to around 6.3 or so before watering.

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  4. Also because I'm unsure of the strain I don't know how large of a pot to finish in. I believe it is a sativa dominant strain so should I stick with a 3 gallon ultimately or should i just go straight to 5 gallon?
  5. z1 - Copy.jpg
    this was my plant at around 3 weeks from seed. It's tiny as you can see, ignore the early topping. Your plant will take right off soon, it'll grow quicker than you know what to do with

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