3 week old plant

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  1. Pics of my 3 week old plant. Ive had it mostly n my window but I recently put it in a plastic box with 2 cfls. I'm using maricle grow potting mix. Positive feedback and tips would be great.


  2. Hey hoghas, welcome to GC!

    Quick question... What kind of bulbs are those cfls your using?? How meny kalvins and watts are they running?? And do you have any access to a hydro store in your area?? If so I would grab some better soil...

    Plants looking healthy by the way :) bag seeds??
  3. The plant is super stretched because it needs more light. Also needs a bigger pot and some healthier soil than miracle grow. It should be ALOT further along at 3 weeks.
  4. This is them a couple weeks with the cfls added


  5. good recovery, cant tell if thats yellowing on the tips because of the light :(
  6. Nice pictures, But you should really ditch that scotts/monsanto nutrient. not jst because its crap, total crap. also you can find organic fertilizer blends that won't support the petrolium industrial agriculture's mega- world dominance. instead you can support recycling materials like blood meals from the CAFO, or your local farmer if it's a bale of alfalfa you're composting.
  7. Its not yellowing on the tips
  8. Also I'm using schultz all purpose plant food 10-15-10. Know about this??
  9. can you find organic soil amendments? some, like Epsoma's line, contain pasturized poultry manure. This, combined with hydrolyzed feather meal, greensand, and the other ingredients, is like crack for your plants growth. that other synthetic shit you mentioned wil not give you satisfying plant performance or final product. good luck.
  10. I don't kno what any of that is or where

  11. [​IMG]
  12. Epsoma also has an organic line of products that is most recommended.
  13. Yea that looks pretty cool. Thanks.

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