3 week old in miracle grow

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Dustinsin, May 10, 2011.

  1. its small, i mean it only has 4 large leaves, and its only about 2 inches tall. and 2 inches wide. what should i do with it? its only bag seed after all
  2. You should get it out of Miracle Gro

  3. Grow it up in the MG..

    I love how everyone talk down on MG.. lmao
  4. More than likely, he didn't flush it, it isn't organic, and it'll hurt his growth in the long run.

    But yeah sure... grow it up in the MG

  5. just a quick question while I got you

    For what reason do you think having a disclaimer as your siq would keep them (anyone) from coming to get you?

    just curious..
  6. It's not serious lol

    Don't really think anyone is after me... then again I probably wouldn't know. I'll take the risk ;)
  7. untill you have a helicopter over your house with guys jumping out.. lol

    just thinking about that would be crazy...

    a guy across the street watches from his living room window..

    "That guys fucked"


  8. Hahaha I guess I can only hope to be the guy watching out of my living room window, my friend. :rolleyes:

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