3 week old "Bubblelicious" flowering already?!?! WTF

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  1. I have a feminized auto flower plant called "Bubblelicious" from Nirvana Seeds, it is about 3-4 weeks old.

    Is it already in the early stages of flower?

    I just started trying to LST and mess with it for better growth but check it out




    Also, Can I trim some of the leaves off my shwag plant. I feel like the leaves are very big and give no light to the actual bud sites growin on it.. What do ya think?

    (Scroll down for picture)

  2. Yep, she's showing sex. Good looking plant though, I grew Bubblelicious Fem (not auto) and they were REALLY nice. Mine turned pink/purple. I hope yours do too! I might get these auto's depending on how yours turn out. So keep us posted.

    Check out my Bubblelicious grow!
  3. It's not flowering, but she is showing her sex. Def. got a girl on your hands. Bubblicious is a good strain. Got some reg. bubblicious going right now. She can get kind of tall. So if you don't have a lot of vertical space keep this in mind. For me though this is the only strain that sometimes gives me problems germinating. Not sure why. I usually am 100%. Anyway have fun with her.

  4. I checked out your grow.. fantastic job.. buds looked amazing!! What did you keep your temps at during flower? got anything you can share with me to help maximize my yield on this plant? Let me know!:confused_2::smoke:
  5. I got one as a freebie but it's yet to be popped. Interested in seeing how your turns out.
  6. If I could suggest anything on the Bubblelicious it is to veg for as long as you can to get the plant to get as big as possible for your size grow area. I wish I would have vegged for another month. I ended up with around an Oz per plant. I know it would of done better if I would have let them get a bit bigger.

    The temp in my grow area was around 80 with the light on and 70 when it wasn't. Dude these buds literally stop parties. You go to a party with people that have bud and you pull this out and it immediately becomes the center of attention. The smell is like bubblegum and fruits and so is the taste. The stone is really heavy and kind of on the too strong side. I smoke this in a blunt and I'm knocked out for hours before I get 2 inches into the blunt. This is a night time smoke.
  7. now you guys got me excited to germ my bubbleicious fem :) lol
  8. Sounds perfect! I cant wait now!! haha

    Its an autoflower.. so unfortunately I cant pick the duration of the veg but hopefully I end up with some killer buddd!!!

    I will order the regular seeds next time!! This is the first and last time I will use autos... I got the autos thinking that if i fucked up then the plant would heal itself but its not hard to grow these plants... n now i know!!!

    Jesstany just got me excited after commenting how its a heavy stone effect.. MY FAVORITE :D :smoke:
  9. Burning a bowl of the bubblicious right now. Yummy. It really is a nice strain.
  10. very norman to show sex at 3 weeks. auto flowers only live for 8-10 weeks total. they pretty much skip the veg phase and go from seedling to flower. i have 6 Early wonder skunks Autoflowers right now and they are at 3 weeks as well.

    I tried topping one, check out my thread. "topping autoflower"

    good luck
  11. Nice cant wait to pop mine, I have so many to chose from. I would love to trade strains with locals.

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