3 week fllwering plant

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  1. Hey guys ive got about a 14 inch plant here that im flowering. I was just wondering if any one could tell me about how much bud i can get off this? Its under 4 cfls with about 260 watts. [​IMG]

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  2. you'll be LUCKY to get 2 grams youngun :blush:
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  3. OP don't flower that plant yet its to young. I read a lot on this website that the plant will double/triple in size during flower... Yeah that's not true. Most plants will grow 50% during flower with some doubling, but RARELY do they triple.

    I have to add:
    It amazes me to see the plants people are putting into flower on this website. My plants are 4 feet tall before I put them into bloom.
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  4. OP, you wont get much flowering that small of a plant under CFLs, aim for 1/4oz and be happy with what ever you get I got less than that my first plant but now that I know what I'm doing I can get 1-2 zips without vegging, and a lot more if I do.

    My plants grow 500% during flower.... Try adding more light. If I waited to flower until they were 4ft I'd end up living in a jungle.

    April 9th
    May 3rd
  5. 4 foot is way too tall if you want dense bud. A 1000 watt hps only has a good range of 36"

    If the plant is kept within the range of the light, it will be the best that is possible for the situation

    Outdoors is another story....hard to beat the real big light. I hope this helps
  6. Im only flowering so i can have some bud before i go to the beach june 15. 7-10g will do be plenty good

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  7. I run two 1000w HPS. I have plenty of light for what I'm doing.

    Still amazes me regardless. That chart is a reference to perfection. I need to remember people on the forums are all about it. Personally, I live in the real world.
  8. No way you're gonna make it duder...

    You're gonna harvest way too early and it's gonna be immature bud. That and no curing time is sure to disappoint that chick you were hoping to beach it with.
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