3 weed blunt? Need responses quick: should i do it?

Discussion in 'General' started by primetime21335, Sep 20, 2007.

  1. So i've accumulated the remnants of 3 sacks. i have ok mids, fire mids, and good beasters.

    20 cut/ 25 cut/ 45 cut(ouch...) respectively.

    Should I mix 'em all up in this blunt? Or maybe just mix the two mids? I mixed the two mids in a bowl last night, put the good mids on top, and got unexpectedly baked.

    Im feeling a blunt ride now and I need to know what ya'll are feelin here at the City.
  2. i would roll the mids and smoke the beaster out a bowl/bong
  3. shouldn't even have to ask
  4. DO IT !!! DO ITTT LOL i love blunts ... what flavor u get?
  5. Pineapple White Owls preferably.
  6. Do it fuck peopel who say " Smoke the beasters by itself," Its not gonna get you higher than a fatty blunt.
  7. Yea I'm doing it :D. It's funny you can look at all three weeds lined up besides eachother

    shit mids: barely any shine
    fire mids: light green as hell and some shine
    beasters: shiney and harriest of them all
  8. personally, id mix them all up well and make a 3 herb blend.
  9. lol feenin your sig is pissin me off, jus smoked a doobie and it took me like 5 seconds before i realized i couldnt click anything
  10. yeah same here little fucker you tricke me!!!!....nice:D
  11. DAMN! YOU GUYS RUINED FOR ME. Still funny as hell though.

    Yeah I'm high as hell. Mixed all three went on a blunt ride.
  12. I like to roll blunts with mids and dank together, turns out nicely
  13. yes mids and dank in a blunt is awesome
  14. Do it. I never smoke mids, jus blunts of dank, but I'm sure they can't ruin it too much :p

  15. Roll the blunt with the beasters on the end, and then the two middies in the middle, so you get the taste of the beasters before it gets resinated.
  16. maybe im just that much of a pot snob but i wouldnt be caught dead mixing mids with dank, ruins the taste of the dank you just spent top dollar on.

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