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<3 wa

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by RotaryKing, May 14, 2010.

  1. Good birthday week for me far :p
    saved tips of all the chronic i got this week


    Top left is aurora indica (very good couch lock)
    Bottom is White Widow
    Top right is cinderella? i really dont even care if its fake or not lol

    Here some blue Cross that i just got

  2. DANK nice scores bro
  3. Nice buds man :D Gotta love Seattle, Im up in lynnwood and before I got my MMJ card if i ever needed some dank i would just walk around and ask people down in Seattle, i got the fattest bag of fuckin dank bud from some guy that was just sitting on a bench in gasworks. never have seen him again though
  4. nice your lucky i wanted to get a card to grow pot but that never worked out for me lol
  5. Looks dank man nice pick up!
  6. really, you had problems getting it? i have a bunch of friends that have their cards for chronic pain, you only need 2-3 doctors visits within the last 3 years saying that you have pain that isnt treated by conventional medicine. just start making some doctors visits, make sure you space 3 visits out over 3 months, im sure you have some pain somewhere :D its pretty nice, saves aloooot of money, and no legal worries. what part of seattle are you in?
  7. Im from bellevue area but how much does the weed cost you?
  8. I'm from WA and trying to get a medical card too, I need to know a MMJ friendly doctor, if you know of one PM me.

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