3 types of purp fluro grow

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  1. Well now that the plants have recovered from thier nute burn i decided i would post some pics and start a journal. Plants are about a month old from seed maybe a few days older. Im using all fluros right now vegging 24hours a day with four of those really skinny ultra brights fluros and 3 spirals. Thinking about maybe getting a small 250w hps for flower to add but might just stick with the fluros to finish out my first indoor grow. The seeds were all bagseed from some "headies" is what we call it but i havent really read many people referring to dank ass buds as headies on this site but yehh..... 60 n 8th shit......took me years to find these seeds. Anyways here goes

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  2. nice

  3. Those plants look beautiful, I'd never have guessed that they'd been nute burned at all! Great job! I'll be keeping an eye on this journal for sure.
  4. Well i got bored today and went to the grow shop. Got some more soil, some bloom tubes, a digital thermometer with a probe to hang in the canopy, and some mylar. I put the mylar up in the closet and it made it seem a whole lot brighter in there. Current temp is 74 degrees Far. and 43% humidity. Im going to post some pics later on tonight probably but they are growing good and i finally topped one of the smaller ones right. I was just cutting too much off the first time i tried i guess, but ill give an update soon.
  5. Well, I put the plants into flower 2 days ago. I went to the hardware store and also got a 70W HPS and rewired and extended the balast to sit on the floor instead of being in the light. It made it a whole lot lighter and easier to hang. Ive got pics ready to post but I have a shitty wireless connection at my house and cant ever stay connected longer than a minute. Should have new pics posted when school starts back up from fall break on wednesday. Plants love the new little bit of HPS light and are starting to grow very rapidly. I wanted to ask one more question about the flower nutes though: Should i start adding them since they are in flower? They still are showing no signs of deficiency so i don't know if i should feed or what? They are almost 2 months old and still have had no nutes added.

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