3' too late to bend?

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  1. If the plant is 3' and hasnt been trained prior to now, would it be worth it to begin bending the plant down slowly? Would it increase the yeild?

    has anybody tried this?

  2. I'm wondering about the same type of thing but not to increase yield but to keep from taking shelves out of my closet lol. I got about 3-4 inches before I gotta move the light and take out another shelf. mine is 27 inches on the highest top.
  3. alright for both cases.. have you started flowering yet? I would hope so because flowering causes plants to double in size for the max yield..
  4. Its flowering for sure, you think bending it would increase the yeild?
  5. I would say yes but at the same time I don't know what week of flowering your in but if the plant is still streching definately.:smoking:
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    I always bend my ladies over - definitely increases yield - makes every branch try to act like the main cola.

    Like this lady here - got just over a pound of dried/cured off of her last harvest.

  7. It's already flowering? How many weeks has it been flowering? It might be too late to really make a difference.
  8. not sure exactly how long, no more than 2 weeks id say. Ill get a pic up in the next day or so.

    thanks for the help
  9. Yeah you can definitely benefit from it then. Do it gently and gradually, last thing you want is to stress her, or even worse, break her!

    Oh btw, 1000 posts! WEEEEEE!:yay:
  10. My last grow I had a couple plants that were way outgrowing the rest . Within the first week I of flowering I bent both of them over . Just be gentle and careful not to snap it or crease it. I did notice a slightly higher harvest off those 2 because the light was penetrating to the bottom of them. This was before I read about LST which I will definitely be doing this round.

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