<3 to all of you :)

Discussion in 'General' started by ganjaphish, Oct 26, 2002.

  1. hey everyone, i haven't posted in here forever. thought i'd peep in as i miss many of you folks, and smoke a big phat bongload of some sticky green in honor of all my favorite people here @ the city.

    i love you guys and hope ya'all are tokin your friday night away in happy bliss! *hugs* and miss ya :)
  2. GANJ! yeah! <3 to you too!!! oh, man!
    I miss yea! its very nice to hear from you..!!!@!

    i cant type anymore acuer is took me about 20 minutes to type thus..

    but, girl, I miss yea. and your sweet filled posts....
    i mean...swaaaaaaaaweeeeeet. lol.

    YEAH! ;)

    miss yea.
  3. hey, don't really know you well but since I started coming here I've always thought you had one of the best (if not the best) avatars. rock on Hobbes :)
  4. YAY!!!

    High girly!! I've missed you! It was about time for you to bless us with your cool ass presence!!!! I need you to come and bake me some brownies and other cool stuff...I'm feeling anti-kitchenish right now!!!

    Hugs for you!!!! ;)
  5. HIGH All, good to see you posting ganjaphish it's been to long of coarse. So what have you Phishhead been up to? Hope this post wasn't your last one for awhile.

    Again it's good to hear from you.
  6. We miss you girl! =)

  7. Hey its good to hear from ya, i haven't been on much lately either, a lot of shit in my life has been going on and i been really depressed. But anyways, its nice to hear your doing good, don't go away again for a while, we miss ya. So whats new in your world?

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