3 things from Walmart to fuck with cashier

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  1. Ok.....so you walk into WalMart and can buy any 3 things. What three things would you buy to freak the cashier out the most at checkout??
  2. Pretty sure this thread already exists, unless it got deleted.

    1.Anal lubricant
    3.Girl dolls
  3. Ax, trashbag, gloves.
  4. Matches, red gasoline gallon jug, rainbow colored ski mask.
  5. Hydrochloric acid ( used to dissolve bodies), black trash bags and a 10 inch dildo
  6. Lube. A cucumber. Condoms.
  7. Whipped cream



    Lol idk what I'm thinking
  8. OTC Viagra type pills
  9. pig head
    KY lube
    the 3 little pigs story book
  10. Why correct a stoned man?
  11. Pregnancy test, coat hangers, a ladder
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  12. pretty sure they dont sell dildos at walmart

    mine would be...

  13. Microscope
    A fish (A live one from the pet dept)
    And a water hose (a large bulky water hose)
  14. a lawnmower
    a wooden chair
  15. A plastic bag
    A baseball bat
    A white rose
  16. 36 pack of beer
    Ride-on lawnmower
    Flare gun w/ flares
  17. Condom
    Chloroform (can you buy that at Wal-Mart? Some kind of date-rape drug)
    Bouquet of flowers

    When the cashier is looking at you weirdly, stare them in the eye and say "Of these three items, I'll only use two, depending on how my date goes".

    Then I'd cackle at them.
  18. A small atomic bomb.

    Several assault weapons.

    An armored personnel carrier.

  19. Yes since they sell all these things at WalMart lol.
  20. Shotgun
    rat poison

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