3 Tent Rotation (set up questions)

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  1. I have a room big enough to fit three 5x5 tents. One for veg and the other two for flower. Veg tent will have 600w HPS. The 2 flower tents will have 1000w HPS lights. The light hoods will not have a glass.

    My main question is air conditioning.

    My set up will be alternating flower lights. 1 tent will be on (12 hrs) while the other is off. This way the 2 flower tents will never be on at the same time to reduce heat.

    The veg tent will always be on. There will always be plants vegging in there.

    I will place the ballasts outside of the room in the hallway on top of a shelf by the door. This should help with keeping the room cool.

    I will be buying a dual hose AC unit and a co2 tank to be placed inside room (not inside tents).

    I will have a can filter with a 4" fan in the room. Each tent will be ducted to the fan, which will be blowing through the filter. I will leave a duct opening open on each tent so cool air will be sucked into the tent from the air conditioned room.

    I will be getting a 12k+ BTU unit.

    Does this set up sound like it will work?
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    If I veg 8 plants in the veg tent and divide them up in the 2 flower tents (4 plants in each flower tent).

    Will my 1000w light produce 1.5+ pounds of dried bud?


    Never mind. I just realized that's stupid. That would defeat the purpose of a 3 tent rotation to be able to harvest every 30 days lol.
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    Since the air being recirculated over and over again, that should slowly kill the smell over and over again.

    If the smell is too strong, I can always just add another fan/filter combo in the room somewhere to help more, right?
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    In my 5x5 tent that is about 7 ft tall.

    How many plants should I grow and in what size pot?
    The goal is to yield a lot.
    But from what I've read, which is watts is weight, I guess a 1000w bulb will yield the same amount whether there's 8 plants under it or 4 plants. Is that true?
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    You know it works and you have probably watched the Grow boss demonstrate it.

    Yield is light and canopy. If using a 1000w light in a full 5x5 then 1000 grams is doable. Doesn't matter if its one plant or 60. Add in CO2 and that can add 25%. Some people pull bigger numbers of cause and its also strain dependent.

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