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Discussion in 'General' started by Mechanic, Jun 10, 2019.

  1. My buddy had him his first 3some with his baby mama and agirl we met a while back he stayed in touch with on social media. Is this really what most guys want because im a straight male and if i have a relationship going i try not to muddy it up. Is that just me ?
  2. you are correct
    a relationship is often called going 'steady' something not to be missed
    if you are unable to commit group action is an alternative

  3. So i am correct thinking you have a 6month old child with this girl and trying for another a 3some proablly not the best move?
  4. 3some i have had no problems with :) it just seems he might be going into a area that might not work out in the long run
  5. Hes my buddy i got his back either way i just try to tell him and im the drunk buddy that gets laughed off . all though i pull my fair share of strange
  6. if they can make it work for them, then more power to 'em!

    it sounds like they're not full "swingers" or anything...

    I have a good buddy who occasionally has his fiancé invite her girl friends into the bedroom and he just rolls with it. hasn't messed anything up yet...
  7. your buddy needs to hear your opinion for sure, even if you end up backing him up with whatever he decides in the end
  8. The first one his baby mama says made her feel closer to him i just see drama coming i cant explain but my 3 somes was not a baby mama lol i dont have to see any of them anymore i just feel he is headed for a downfall

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