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  1. Hmm..i have three seeds i got in a bud from my bro, I let one soak in water and planted the other two immediately, i then put the soaked seed in the soil too, they're all in the same pot that has quite a bit of growing space I now have a light over them 24/7 untill i see the first 5 bladed leaves from them, then ill reduce it to 14/7 of light. Am i doing this right? Its my first time actually growing and i need these little seeds alive so I gotta be careful.
  2. use minimum of 18 hours light, then reduce to force flower to 12 hours when ready,

    for huge amounts of free grow info see


    have fun! good luck..
  3. 24/7 for seedlings/clones under flourscents,,until stable.

    18/6 normal veg cycle

    12/12 flowering cycle

    Hope all goes well....have troubles,ask away,,we are here..


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