3 room perpetual harvest tent

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  1. Looking at a new setup with a 3 room perpetual harvest grow tent. Planning on a led flower light custom made by a friend. And 2 2t8 24" flourecent fixtures for cloning/veg and the mother room. Also 1 4" carbon filter and 3 4" inline fans all together. Looking for inspiration. Show me your multi room tent/ perpetual harvest setup. Pics for attention 20190712_165833.jpg

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  2. No one? I'll bite. First grow, 3 tents 2-3x3's prop and veg 1 4x4 flower. Basic little lights for prop maybe t5 idk something my mom had lol, 2 qb96v2s on a mean well 320h 54a driver for veg, double that for flower. I have 2- 4 inch hurricane inline fans, one hooked up pulling from the 4 with the others attached in a line. I'm using 3 gallon phat sac fabric pots and fox farms happy frog soil and some are in a soil I made of the same basic stuff. Using bag seeds. I'm trying to figure out a good schedule, I have a second round that's two weeks behind my first, I'll be training them though so hopefully that will work out alright. The next round after that is 3 weeks off I think... Well we'll see, might be getting crowded. How did your grow end up going?
  3. Nice, what is your schedule like as far as starting new ones?
  4. When there is about a month left on my previous grow.
  5. There are 5 Jack Herer I started yesterday that aren't in the pic
  6. Clones or seed

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