3 questions that only experience can answer

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  1. Hi all GC users I have 3 questions that I cant find the answers anywhere.

    I have one plant in the ground (I have clay a few inches down)
    so I dug a hole 4x4x3 feet deep and put good soil in, I know in the winter
    the water pools in that spot.

    The question is, when it comes time to flush all the nutes out of the soil, (hundreds of gallons of water from what I read)
    it WILL pool up for days or longer? is this ok? what do I do?

    I have 5 Sour D going and I have read that they stretch lots during the first few weeks
    of flowering.

    The question, does that mean only the new growth will stretch or does the old growth stretch also.

    This year (my first) I paid way too much on soil (happy frog X 50= 600 bucks.
    all my plants are in grow bags, what do I do with the old soil after the grow? can I re use it?
    How can I make it useable again

    I plan to make a compost pile for next years grow but can only use a small amount
    of the old soil in the pile.

    Thank you
  2. Ok I'll try to answer these the best I can. Question #1: if you know there isn't good drainage, then don't try and flush. Plants that are in the ground usually don't need to be flushed. Simply stop feeding a week or so before you harvest. Just give them plain water. And no, you don't need hundreds of gallons. Another point: if you're using synthetic nutes, thats fine because they tend to leach into the ground and/or get absorbed by the plant. And the salt residue gets flushed away by the rain or the next watering. And if you're using organic, then you could feed until the end. Question #2: from my experience, most of the plants I've grown are hybrids just like the SD you have. I've had some that grow double the size when they start to flower and have had some that just stay about the same size. As far as the new and old growth, there's not really "new" growth. After it starts to flower, the branches that are already there will stretch yes. But as far as "new" growth, the only thing you wanna see is bud growing. And question #3: can you reuse the soil? Well generally you would wanna just get new stuff but if you really wanted to I guess you could. I've never herd of people doing that but if I were going to I would find an area, dump the dirt(get out all of the big roots) and the till the crap put of it. That should loosen it up. But I would do it right after the grow so that while it's outside, the rain and snow can rinse out any fertilizer and salts still in it so it would be ready to use the next year. And also you could turn that spot into a compost area too if you want. But this is all just theoretical. I've never done this before. It just seems like the most logical thing to do if I were going to. Hope this helps and happy growing!

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