3 Purple Gorillas and 3 Girl Scout Cookies

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    What's going on GrassCity! Just wanted to post a few pics of my current grow. I am currently running a 2x4x5.5 grow tent with a 600 watt HPS in a Yield Master II air cooled hood. I am growing hydroponics DWC. The nutrients I chose are Advanced Nutrients PH perfect 3 part, along with Nirvana, Big Bud, B-52, Overdrive, Rhino Skin. Right now my ladies are in their first week of flowering. The strains I chose to go with are 3 x Girl Scout Cookies and 3 x Purple Gorilla. So far so good with the current grow. Using the PH perfect line had me kind of worried at first because when all nutrients were mixed, I was still getting a reading of 6.0 - 6.2, that's just with the 3 part. I noticed when I started adding the additional nutes, it was gradually dropping closer to the 5.8-5.9, but that's only if I mix the additional nutes, without them the ph still hangs around the 6.0-6.2 range. No biggie, I went on with what the rep's told me, and that was to NOT use ph down at all, just let the nutes do their job. I change the res every week with new fluids. I started using 1/4 strength in the beginning and gradually moved up to 3/4 strength. One week during vegging, I did try full strength and noticed terrible results. Lots of nute burn and yellowing of the leaves. I quickly flushed 3 times and changed to 1/2 strength. These nutrients are pretty concentrated, but they work great if used less then the given dosage.
    Right now my ladies are in their 34th day of flowering.  Attached are older pics taken in sequence while they were growing.
    Front three are Girl Scout Cookies and the back three are Purple Gorilla's
    Veg'd for almost three weeks before I switched to a 12/12 cycle.
    20140103_225032.jpg 20140103_225059.jpg 20140103_225133.jpg ROBF3517.JPG ROBF3518.JPG ROBF3519.JPG ROBF3520.JPG ROBF3521.JPG 20140109_154945.jpg

  2. These pics are when I added the trellis and how the ladies grew into the trellis.
    20140114_233259.jpg 20140114_233310.jpg 20140114_233318.jpg 20140114_233335.jpg 20140114_233349.jpg 20140116_003457.jpg 20140116_003506.jpg 20140119_005857.jpg 20140120_191647.jpg 20140120_191711.jpg
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    I did top each baby 4-5 times while in veg, and also super cropped them to fit nicely under my homemade trellis.  Actually, I still super crop as of now to get the canopy even as I can get it.
    20140123_001142.jpg 20140123_001146.jpg 20140123_001206(0).jpg 20140123_001206.jpg 20140123_183644.jpg 20140130_175710.jpg 20140130_175752.jpg 20140130_223919.jpg
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    You can see from a couple of the pics that trichomes are growing nicely.  
    20140201_232109.jpg 20140201_232142.jpg 20140204_231511.jpg 20140204_231540.jpg 20140204_231604.jpg 20140205_233015.jpg cover.jpg
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    These were taken on 2-7-2014
    32 days into flowering.
    ROBF3840.JPG ROBF3841.JPG
    It's my first actual grow and you can tell that the area under the screen could have been trimmed a little bit better.  Something I can learn from and do right the second time around.
  6. These were taken on 2-7-2014
    32 days into flowering.
    \nIt's hard to see it from the pics, but the back three are the Purple Gorilla's and the front three are the GSC.  Purple Gorilla from what I have been reading is a 7-8 week strain while the GSC is a 8-9 week strain.  You can see from the pics that the PG buds are growing relatively faster and more plump than the GSC.  
  7. looking good. i just starting some girl scout cookies. looking forward to seeing how this run turns out. i'll hopefuly be flowering the gsc after my next run.
  8. nice.  i have helped a buddy of mines with his previous grow of Girl Scout Cookies, and let me tell you......given all the right conditions, these ladies are awesome and very potent.  Buds were large and compact, a very distinct smell of kush and very very sticky.  Dark purple if you let mature.  This is a beautiful flower.  Loved it so much I had to grow a few for myself.....haha.  I'm really excited to see how the Purple Gorilla's turn out!  From all the pictures I've seen of it, it's a rich deep purple with fat buds!  I have never smoked this strain myself or have seen it in person, this one will be interesting.
  9. Time to add more fluids tonight when the lights turn on.  i change out what I can get out of the bin.  I usually refill with 10 gallons of water and nutes.  Again, I am using PH perfect 3 part by Advanced Nutrients, so I don't alter the PH at all, but I still take the measurement just because!  It usually stabalizes around 6-6.2 when everything i mixed in.  I'll take more pics later when I actually change fluids.  I am nearing harvest time, and I'm getting excited!  Purple gorilla's should be done around the second week of march and the GSC will be ready a week after.
  10. Replaced fluids today and decided to take a few pics to show you guys the progress.  We are 37 days into flowering.
    20140212_212416.jpg  check out the sugar forming on the leaves!
  11. My females are doing really good.  I added another 6 inch clip on fan the other night to help circulate the air a little bit more now that its a lot more crowded in there now then it was when I was first starting off.  I also replaced fluids with another 5 gallons of 1/2 strength nutes.  I will post more pics tomorrow night.
  12. Here's a few recent pics of them I took a few minutes ago.
  13. this is the week for the purple gorillas!  trich's are cloudy and some amber is showing.  i'll post pics of everything once its down and hanging.  next week should be the time for the girl scout cookies.  
  14. Nice grow!

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  15. This is first time growing and using a superponic setup. I'm growing GSC from seeds. Germinated them about four weeks ago they're still small compared to what I've been seeing on here am worried I'm doing something wrong. Water is PH'd to 6.2, I'm using distilled water, PPM 150. I be started lite nutes, under 150watt HPS in a grow cabinet that is 24x24x60 inches. Superponics is a mix of deep water culture and top feed. Water level is fairly close to plants, feed em every 12 hours for fifteen mins. 16/8 light cycle for 8 plants. Nutes are at 50 percent strength. [​IMG]

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