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  1. Germinated 3 Fruity Widow Fem
    Placed in Rapid Rooters
    Transfered to humidity dome until roots forced me to transfer to Dwc res.

    Once placed in the Res is when my problems began. The (Little Bitch)tip of the main root broke off, continues to grow but I had to cut the damn top stem The (Queen Bitch) is yellowing and getting some spots on leaves, a brownish root that hasn't changed color since first spotted. The (Princess Bitch) is just yellowing and some spots on leaves.

    First Feeding was only water
    Some yellowish color was seen and nutes were added at 2/3 strength.
    Soon after I had some foam at the top of res and didn't have that nice fresh smell anymore. Believe it was BROWN SLIME.
    Every thing was cleaned with bleach and hottt soapy water. EVERYTHING!
    Second feeding was with NUTES.
    Set back up and couple days later trace amounts were present.
    Decided to run a sterilized res and found the source where light was getting in and shut that down. BTW temps stay low as fuck.

    Haven't seen anything to indicate that the problems have been addressed properly. Actually I'm having a new issue, TWISTED leaf growth. I'm not sure exactly what the next step is, I'm just trying to monitor them and see what happens.


    PH- 61.5
    PPM-405- spiked from 340 (bleach)
    19h light-5h off
    Topfin 4000 air pump more than enough oxygen in there. 2 stones.
    Water pump 294gph. Hint the cold ass res temp of 61.
    General hydroponics floranova grow and floralicous plus - PH up and PH down- as well as the bleach, are the only things in my res.

    I do ask that you have some hands on training before you post on this thread. OR at least know what your talking about. Thanks GROW B&Gs

    Pic 3 Little Bitch
    Pic 4 Queen Bitch
    Pic 5 Queen Bitchs root
    Pic 6&7 Princess Bitch

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  2. looking super nice man subbed for the ride :D what lights are u using? and are you growing in like a closet or what??
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    Have you started giving her nutes already? Looks like some burn or pH problems, pH could be causing that twisting

    That slime could be root rot due to not enough oxygen for the roots also, not positive on that one
  4. Yeah they got some burn on low ppm somehow. Backed off for awhile and they came back strong. Then two days ago when I changed the res I decided to up the ppm just a little because the girls were a little light in color, guess these plants can't handle nuts for shit. 335 ppm and this bitch just freaked. Uploading pictures now. Any questions please ask.
  5. Seems like my #1 problem is nutrient burn.

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  6. Feed them plain water at 5.8 and see how well they bounce back. Flush em out
  7. Yeah, can't do it tonight but tomorrow might bring some spare time to change the res. Thinking about just water for at least 3 days.
  8. BTW, great success with FLOOMING.!! love it. Never using air stones or air pumps again.

    BLEED----》》》 Garnet & Gold

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