3 Piece Chromium Crusher Question

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  1. I've settled on a 3 piece grinder because I want a nice metal grinder with a storage compartment but I already make BHO and have a HMK ti curve so the kief isn't that big deal for me and I don't need a 4 piece--I would rather have nice kiefy bong loads, when I wanna get fucked up I take out the oil. I've been looking at the Chromium Crusher the three piece has a screen in it right beneath the compartment holes, which is kinda dumb. This brings up my real question, can this screen be rather easily removed in one piece?

    I don't vape so 2 piece isn't an option, I don't need super fine grind. Other good 3 piece grinders are also welcome. Needs to be under 24$ shipped however (I'm clearing out my paypal, I hate quasi-money).
  2. The grinder I have had a screen for a kief catcher, even though the weed wouldn't always grind up. I took the screen out and now the grinded weed falls through into the kief catcher and it works great. The screen was kept in place by a compressed metal ring, and I still have the screen and ring in case I need them.
  3. My friend had the chromium. He seemed to like it.
  4. Any 3 piece will sick. Bottom line is if you want keif, get a 4 piece.
  5. I already illustrated that I don't want kief. Read the post. I just want a grinder with a storage compartment. I was asking about removing the kief screen.
  6. i have the 3 piece. and i guess u could just like cut the screen out it might take a little work but it would be pretty awesome. but i like my kief. and if you cut the screen out you'd have a giant storage compartment.
  7. just buy a grinder dude. ;)
  8. honestly you can those poker chip grinders for like dirt cheap and they work pretty damn well.
  9. You don't want keif and you don't want a 2 piece, what the fuck Do you want ??
  10. i have a three pice grinder, and i get MASSIVE amounts of kief from one grinding. i dunno y. my friends actually like my grinder better than their 4 piece ones because mine collect way more kief. i love it. once i get enough kief i make hash, and i smoke it all at once. that shit gets me reeeeeeeeally baked.

    edit: if u dont want the screen in place, just use a small flathead srewdriver, and the ring that holds the screen should come out easily, just make sure you dont through em away, cuz u might need em later, u nevere know.
  11. Get a 4 piece.
    Screw the bottom half of the teeth to the very bottom, thus excluding the screen.
  12. i love the crusher i have one.4 piece screen and all pretty damn nice.dnt rlly know bout the 4 piece.but the screen comes out in mine
  13. Thanks for the replies, if the 3 piece is built anything like the 4 piece then it should work just fine.

    For those who are having trouble understanding this thread, I just want a grinder with a storage compartment for bud to fall through. Part of the reason that I like the generic acrylic 2-pieces grinders is because of the way they're shaped you can flip the top lid upside down over the where the weed is and then invert it to knock all your bud into the bowl-shaped indention. I'm pretty sure this is why the acrylics are made the way they are. With the flat-topped metal grinders you can't do that, hence why I want the bud to fall into a storage chamber (which handles the same as the deep dish of an acrylic).
  14. just get a 4 piece in case you ever want keif and just remove the screen part for now.

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