3 MORE ferrets! *small rant*

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  1. so..we go into petco to find a new toy for our furbabies and in the corner we see a 3 story off floor ferret cage...and notice at least one fur baby in it..so we go over say hi to the lil one and notice two others in there with it...ok..they arent in the normal tank so we ask whats up with some of the employees...well..they were "donated" since the owner was having marital issues and was moving and couldnt take them with her...we find out some other bullshit about how they were going to try to re sell them to make up for the cost of THREE rosytail boas they LOST..yes...lost...so we call the dm and the main store to find out if thats even with their policy..it most definately is NOT...so we go back to petco and talk to the m.o.d. and let him kno that we are concerned for them and want to kno all the details about whats going to happen to them *you guys kno it was longer and more drawn out...c'mon..im an animal rights freak any ways* so i leave my name and number with the m.o.d. so he can call and keep me updated...he then calls the g.m. *who knows me VERY well i mite add* to let him kno that we kno whats going on and tells him my name..the g.m. then realizes ive got him by the balls and caves telling the m.o.d. to hand them over to us since i kno their policies and kno my shit about animals...so we get a call from the m.o.d. *we havent been home 20 min* to let us kno that we can come and get them...and the cage..for no fee at all...they were also wiling to get them vet checked free of charge..but it would take a few days...these ferrets are FILTHY and VERY skinny from the lack of care just from being there over the weekend...so i said we'll come get them now...

    so now ive got three more fur babies and a new three story ferret nation cage...for free!

    yay me!!:p
  2. cool man playing with ferrets is a fun activity high
  3. lol dude..understatement...the others on thie forums kno that this makes SEVEN now....im the crazy animal lady...
  4. Cool dude, congrats on the free shit. And +rep for caring about animals :hello:
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    I am extremely jealous!

    I would love to take care of ferrets.

    How in the hell did they loose 3 Boas?
  6. you want my cat,,,,,,

    he turns the t.v. on late at night,,,,,,and drinks the beer i left in the frig,,,,,,

    ...[​IMG] :p
  7. lol.chicken..r u talkin bout ur pimp cat??

    and i have NO IDEA how they LOST three rosy boas...not a clue...:rolleyes:
    then again, its not the first time this petco has lost critters...i witnessed the escape of an anole once..it was funny..i was rootin the lil guy on to freedom..

    so yeah...the girls are already feeling much better now that their cage is re-set up and cleaned and has a bunch more kewl stuff...they also got a bath and some nummy foods...they are going to be fine
    one of them was getting to the point of losing her fur...we're still going to keep an eye on her, but from what we've seen and how skinny they are *lol..not for long tho* we think its just from her not getting the care she needed
    they are REALLY sweet tho and im sure it broke the ladys heart to have to give them up...i just wish we'd been there when she did to save them from being in pet-hell for four days...

    is seven ferrets too many?? cuz..i dont think so..and there are even another three on craigslist thjat i have my eye on.....:p
  8. Well, I seriously hate ferrets.
    Fuck that place.
  9. you HATE them??? how?!
    i mean...did u have a bad ferret experience?? did one bite you?? cuz if so..it wasnt the ferrets fault i can guarantee you that...ferrets only bite when they arent properly taken care of to begin with...so im sorry that you hate these awesomely groovy kewl animals..but yeah...fuck that place for tryin to go around protocol to cover their asses;)
  10. some pix of the new babies
    the "mug shots" are the new ones and the rest are pix of them and the others playing

    fury playing with me
    fury and sugar "mountain climbing"
    pharoh and newboy-no name playing chase
    fury mid attack jump
    another of fury
    pharoh in one of the jugs
    mischief givin mommy kisses
    fury and sugar playing
    drifter and pharoh wrestlin
    fury mug shot
    newboy-no name mugshot
    sugar mugshot
    teu mugshot

    and these are the babies we already had...plus more play pix

    mayhem and mischief wrestlin while teu watches
    sugar lookin pretty
    mayhem mugshot
    mischief mugshot
    mayhem naptime
    drifter chillin in bottom of the sleepy cage
    most of them sprawled in the top of the sleepy cage
    pharoh and newboy-no name
    pharoh and newboy-no name playing
    drifter "im soo pretty"
    drifter chillin on the sand box
    pharoh and drifter chillin on the sand box
  11. i used to have one but i gave it away...i want another one =(
  12. IF you decide to get another one..please PLEASE re-educate yourself about their cares and needs...also...they are social critters and do best in pairs or groups, unless you can spend hours and hours with them daily...
    and lpease...do not buy your ferrets!! there are way too many in shelters, rescues and on craigslist and other ads...adopt and save a life
  13. last time i had one i gave him away cause he kept on steling jewelery and scratching me.
  14. he wont be as mean if i get 2 ferrets?
  15. thems some ugly,,,,mutha-fukas....

    you need a colorful pet,,,,like game roosters
  16. lol chicken..im workin on it..

    and they wont be mean if you treat them rite...period
    treat them the rite way and you wont have an issue...and about the thieving thing..thats just how they are..i have one that steals socks, one that steals pens, another that likes tools...find out what it likes to steal and keep that stuff away from it...not that hard...if you cant handle having a two year old, then you shouldnt have ferrets
  17. LOL...7 ferrets, i can't even imagine the amount of shit you have to clean up....they are worth it though, sooooo much fun
  18. actually..its 8 now....yesterday we saved another boy *newboy-noname* from needing to go to the shelter *death sentence*

    so yeah..its 8...:eek:
    and its easy to clean up after them...the bottom part of their cage is removable...we just take it out every morning and scrape the poo into the toilet then rinse it off...real simple
  19. Awesome. Thanks for sharing the pictures. They are cool animals. I would never own one though (also they are technically illegal here).
  20. Thats awesome you saved them but Damn 8! They look awesome, quite a handful though no doubt?, I youtubed them and they look like they're a little rowdy, Do they play hard or do they get along well with other animals? I think my Jack Russell would tear one apart let alone 2-3 if I tryed to get them to coexist.

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