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3 Months Clean, Can I smoke and pass a drug test?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by kiss001, Sep 26, 2009.

  1. Hello, I have read the DT sticky. I have a old smoker from the past 4-5 years. I have uses bongs to vaps my vaps are the favorite. I am a senior at a private school, that I just moved to. They just test thc they use a small paper and put a drop of your pee on it and if it turns a certain color means u been smoking the ganja. Any ways I don't have school monday or tuesday and I want to smoke tonight maybe 4-5 hits out of a joint. Can I do this? Will I be clean Wenday?? All of are drug test are random, last year they didn't test seniors. Can I smoke abit tonite and be clean wenday incase they do?? I'm 140pounds, 6,0 feet tall 18 years old I go to the gym alot I eat about 3,800 Cals and drink plenty of fluids. I have a high matabloism I am a fit person I don't have higher then 10% body fat....What do you guys think I should do??
  2. You should not smoke.

  3. If I understand correctly, you have been smoking for about 5 years (and still are). If so, I can almost guarantee if you smoke that joint or not that you would not pass a drug test. Try a detox drink, those have worked for me. And also you should buy a drug test and test yourself like tuesday.
  4. haha dude you'll be fine for sure, I know this reply is a little late, but for future reference you'd be fine. From my understanding this is just like a normal urine test right? if so then youd be fine in a week after heavy smoking if you drank a shit load of tea drinks and cranberry drinks, but since you've been clean for 3 months you'll have it out of your system in about 4 days or three without flushing with fluids. With flushing you could probably be clean in two days.:smoking:
  5. i think you can pass if you take like 1 hit,just to get alittle high.but 4 or 5?.your going to fail.
  6. Some bad info here.

    I wouldn't smoke. Unless you can be sure you have at least 3 weeks before you get a DT.

    Private schools do not like to expel anyone for drugs though, so I'm sure they would give you a few warnings before you get in any real trouble. I know a few people who have been caught with drugs at a private school and really didn't get in any trouble.
  7. You need to start by stating your metobolic measurements, so I can find the bmi pee to thc levels that would occur and intoxicate your blood stream and fat storages after 4-5 hits from a nicely packed joint.

    Secondly you should if you will acquire within 10 pounds before next week due to your 3,800 cal diet to math the 10% body fat that would all be gained.

    Report back sarge, we don't have much time. :smoking:

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