3 Little Birds

Discussion in 'Growing Organic Marijuana' started by ElRanchoDeluxe, Jul 5, 2017.

  1. Does anyone remember the three lil birds from overgrow?

    These guys are responsible for me delving into organics and experimenting with different soil mixes. I figured all this information was lost when overgrow was shut down.

    Anyhow, I found the old thread today!
    Pretty cool stuff for being around 20yrs old. Check it out.
    The 3LB's Guano Guide- The Scoop on Poop
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  2. Never saw Overgrow, but on another forum a guy sticky'd about 5, 3LB's posts and LC's soil mixes, including the one you linked.

    Yeah, somewhat dated, but good no frills organics.
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  3. I remember OG fondly Rancho. Before that it was alt.marijuana.cultivation from the old bbs boards. Overgrow was a good crowd. I learned so much there. I was down the rabbit hole with aquaponics at that time.

    Damn, that was bit ago...
  4. Wow! Pretty cool man. I wasn't aware of all that. Overgrow was Marc Emery's site wasn't it?
  5. It was gypsy nirvana. Who later got himself in some deep kimchee from what I herd. I remember Marc was getting hit pretty hard from the community. The usual story, people got stiffed. IIRC, Marc was going through some legal issues in BC at the time. It was the grand foray into the HTML world.
  6. Overgrow is back up now, just an fyi. Maybe that still have old threads?

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