3 Leaved Sprout?

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  1. My first grow in a while and its got 3 starter leaves... what does this mean? if anything...
  2. How small is it, do you have a picture?
  3. Definitwly snap a picture...


    It's probably just a minor mutation, no big deal.
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    (sorry for my phones horrible picture quality)
    next set of leaves all growing in the middle total of 3 *again*
  5. Haha wow... That's pretty trippy. Did you yank it out or what?
  6. yeah accidentally, i just planted it yesterday so no root system yet luckily. and yeah agreed especially weird since it was my first grow in a while... i wonder if i did something different, or like you said its just some mutation. either way i feel like its lucky:D
  7. It is a fairly common mutation called whorled phyllotaxy. (It is NOT a triploid or polyploid plant- those are something entirely different!)

    When you get one of these, keep it in veg as long as possible to get the biggest harvest. The 3 leaf trait disappears as soon as you go to flowering! Just like the normal plants, as soon as "puberty" hits, the paired (or tripled) leafed stems stretch and the leaves no longer have partners.

    By harvest, the only way you can tell a plant had whorled phylotaxy, is to look at the bottom of the plant! But extra branches mean extra buds, even if most are smaller ones at the bottom of the plant! :D

    Granny :wave:
  8. Whorled phyllo whaty? lolol thanks for the info:D
  9. I had that happen with my first time all the plants grew 3 pronged leaves, they stayed like that all the way through growth.
  10. average yield per plant do ya remember?
  11. haha, you just yanked it right outta there didn't ya??? lol. Roots are very sensitive...good luck!
  12. About an ounce per plant, I stunted their growth somewhere along the lines and they were small little kush plants.

  13. like i said previously no root system yet, i planted it about 10 minutes before someone wanted a picture. It's nice and healthy:D
  14. i had the same thing happen...later in veg as you see the other leaves filled in....unfortunitly every 1...6-total...that started that way were germ'd from seed and turned out to be males and had to go...good luck...you can see them in the tent...

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    You have a triploid! 3 tops at each node instead of 2. Unless you are growing a strain which isn't very stable or is known to have weak triploids, then you should be fine.


    EDIT: I guess disregard the term triploid for this context, I'll have to do some reading about that, thanks Granny!
  16. Yeah Whorled Phyllotaxy. As soon as I get my phone back, I can post a picture of how it looks by day 3 with its new leaves further developed:D
  17. *Heres the picture update*
  18. image-3212949971.jpg

    I think I got the same thing going here. Day 10 in the picture
  19. From my experience , they are not worth spending your time on... But thats just my opinion.

    I would trash any sprouts growing like that and replace them .
  20. [quote name='"Russy"']From my experience , they are not worth spending your time on... But thats just my opinion.

    I would trash any sprouts growing like that and replace them .[/quote]

    It looks super healthy. Why would you trash it?

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