3 leaf sprout?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by GhengisChron, May 26, 2010.

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    UPDATE! June 7th
    new pic. still maintaining the 3 leaf nodes.

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    i'm sure its been seen before, but WTF! its kinda cool.
    i plan to grow it out, maybe clone it if its female. what does an adult plant like this look like?

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  2. mutation.
  3. if theres only 2 cotyledons then it's a mutation, hopefully it lives
  4. You need to hold on to this strain. I know people who are looking for these "genetics."

    Male or female, keep a few clones, I assure you that if you do some networking that plant could be worth your while.

    Seriously, breed that plant. Consider the possibilities!

  5. there are 3 cotyledons.

    red arrows point to the cotyledons, and the green arrows point to the leaves.

    hopefully nothing happens to this baby. i'm stoked to see what it turns into.
  6. They're fun to watch growing; there's debate as to whether or not plants with the whorled leaf growth like yours yield more....in my experience, that's not the case. By all means, experiment with it-breeding, cloning etc. My clones, however, did not keep the whorled/triplicate branching trait...maybe you'll have better luck!

  7. Man, theres supposed to be 2 cotyledons. Go back to "start".
    Cool plant, but research now has proved that when weed sprouts a 3rd leaf, it means
    its gonna be male.

    lol. good luck

  8. Not necessarily. All whorled plants I've had first hand experience with have been ladies. :hello:
  9. I wuz just yankin yer chain bro !!!

  10. :p Gotcha. I just didn't want Mr. Chron here to get discouraged...

    Peace :D
  11. it's a triploid then, my plant has 3 cotyledons too, get some new pics posted xD
  12. sorry i ate the other one:)
  13. i'll take new pics when its more developed.
  14. not true, I have had 3 plants already that started pushing out 3 leaf sets. 1 male and 2 female.

    they stop pushing out three leaf sets when the nodes start to alternate. There is nothing wrong with the plant.
  15. ok, i guess nobody appreciates my
    sense of humour anymore :(.

    As Eric Cartman would say,
    "Screw u guyz, Im goin home".

    Have a good day y'all.
  16. lol

    well thanks everyone. i'll keep giving it water and light and see what happens.

    i showed a fellow local grower and he stared at it and thought it was a new strain or something haha.
  17. I’m experiencing the same, how do I get to the source?

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