3 leaf purple kush

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  1. a verry strong clone of purple kush about a month old (after rooted) verry crystaly and strong smell but its only growing 3 leaves and even 1 leaf on some of the offshoots in places it was long after it had been sexed when it was cloned and the mother has all kinds of 7 and 9 leaves so i was just woundering what this means
  2. hey dude can u post a pic?
  3. what about all them hairs too idk just kinda weird been like that since iv had her

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  4. Weird!!! Would this be considered a mutant???
  5. what do you mean by mutant. because its definetly cron and will grow bud iam sure. but no resons why?
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    was it re-vegged at all ?

    EDIT: added below

    during flower the leaflets, go back down ..kinda a reverse to how they mature (3,5,7, etc leaflets veg./ and 7,5,3,1 leaflets flower)

    I see nothing to indicate a "mutant" either BTW.. what kinda of lights, and soil ?
  7. Can't mistake it
  8. it gets the 7 to 9 leaves later. It starts out with the three it's the signature of the purple Kush

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