3 leaf plant... worthless?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by harryf, Apr 29, 2006.

  1. Hey, we just got another small plant from my friends backyard, but this ones fan leaves are all sets of 3. I've seen references to low-thc hemp plants with this on this site, is there no chance of this thing being worthwhile?
  2. well, how many nodes is it? you said it was small... how small?
  3. No such thing as worthless pot plant my friend. Let it grow out and see what happens. Lots of people are thrilled to have a plant like that. It could put out a bigger yield, be more potent or it could go away and be completely normal by the end. Let it do its thang g.
  4. HIGH All, so how did these Plants end up in your friends backyard?
  5. Most plants when they are small start out with 3 leafed leaves. That's how they start, got to get 3 before they can get big enough to get more. If it's small it should get more as it grows. I've had plants that started out with 3 get as many as 11 (the plant was 4'). It's normal.
  6. Hey everyone. Yeah, I wasn't going to just kill it on a whim, I've got my CFL's running anyway so there would be no need to, I just specifically remembered a thread on here which I couldn't find again for reference. It's just starting it's 4th node. Oh, and my friends backyard has had about 15 or so plants sprout up in the past month or two, I guess they just broke up their bud back there and tossed the seeds. We live right by mexico so we get our shitty shwag relitively cheap around here (like 35 an oz) which is cool, and so the amount of seeds that have actually been tossed in that yard is probobly astronomical. That first plant that his dad found had grown up a full foot tall before anyone noticed, right next to his porch and bbq pit. Even we didn't notice it till someone accidently tracked some leaves into the kitchen on their shoes.
  7. why do you look like borat from the ali g show LOL
  8. lol it was a foot tall before anyone noticed the first one? damn
  9. now some thoughts...

    normal MJ plants have 2, thats right, two cotyledons, which are the first green stuff you can actually seed. Rounded leaves, hence, the reference "true leaves" to those that have the siwsaw design. The round leaves contain the energy the plants needs to grow until it can make energy for hersrlf. Also, the normal plant has as has been pointed, 2 fanleaves in each node. No coincidence in that right...

    Now, if your plant has 3 cotiledons, then it has more energy than the one thas has 2 doesnt it??? And also has 3 fan leaves for node isnt it...??

    Notice the most experienced poster casually asked how that seed got there...He didnt mean if you tossed it or not. I think hes asking where you got that kind of seed... Why, cause maybe he heard or knows that these plants have been specially designed by some crazy ass scientist-grower...

    I would keep that plant around and breed the hell out of her in case it turns out to be, as i expect, some killer weed.

    If im right, you are a lucky bastard. Lets see if someone has something else to say.
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    just wondering what the more experienced guys think​
  11. Hey, the plant doesn't have three fan leaves per node, the fan leaves it does have just have 3 points. This is really the only odd thing about the plant, it looks totally normal otherwise. I'll post a picture whenever my girlfriend gets back to town tonight with her camera.
  12. And yes, it is a picture of Borat haha. My hero

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