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3 leaf marijuana Plant

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by paperb22, Jun 11, 2009.

  1. its a sign of stretch or a hard knock life. the plants my friend keeps through the winter to see if they survive, if they do, end up with the 3 leaf. Some plants do it easily like flow, bu he has sour d 3 leafing on him. this is different than the genetic mutation which looks different and is uncommon.
  2. ^Most of the time the seedlings start with a 3 leaf sets and dont grow 5 or 7 til they are bigger alot of my leafs around my flower buds are 3 its normally to see.
  3. yeah i hadnt even noticed it but i got one with three too...

  4. i have a plant with only 3 leaf sets too but this was probably stress related cuz i accidently broke the stem when i was putting the plant from soil to my hydro. Put the broken end in some cloning gell, replanted it, and it shot right up with all these little 3 leaf sets
  5. 3 leaves is usually from not giving the plant enough care.

    Plants aren't supposed to be moved, I mean you can TRAIN them, but whenever u make a plant go from on place to another; it has to completely realign itself to its surroundings.
  6. [​IMG]

    The photo above is of White Widow that was watered with Gibberellic acid which is natural hormone found in plants and regulates growth. In small concentrations it speeds up germination and in larger concentrations it can cause genetic alterations in the way the plant grows. Seems to have helped the plant grow perfectly in less than perfect conditions of using just 3 fluorescent bulbs for light.


    Very pathetic lighting system, I know, but it's not my grow op anyways. I guess it was done this way just to prove it can be done, but once the buds starts growing, I'm guessing a real grow lamp will be required for best results.

    I think these plants are about 6 weeks into growing, and the lights have been left on 24/7. What should be done to try to initiate flowering and when should that be done? The 10th week maybe? I did a lot of reading on the subject many years ago when I was trying to grow seeds from Amsterdam (and now you can buy all the various strains you want from Amsterdam online) but I forgot everything I read because I was probably high. And that was back when weed used to really mess me up and make me paranoid. Now it doesn't make me paranoid at all, but quite the opposite -- it takes away anxiety. It also doesn't make my eyes red at all -- they stay perfectly white and clear. I can also drive a car just fine and socialize with no problem. Its like my dreams and wishes finally came true and now weed is awesome. Maybe it's just what happens when you turn 30? lol

    Anyway, if anyone can lend some advice on what lighting cycle to use for making the plants females and for making them bud when its time, your help would be greatly appreciated. Those White Widow seeds were part of the 20 that were included for free with the order, and 10 Azura feminized seeds is what was paid for, at about $10 per seed. So the White Widow isn't feminized and I bet both those beautiful plants are males, just like always. He seems to have bad luck with growing males all the time, which is why he ordered some feminized seeds this time so he couldn't go wrong. The Azura only just sprouted and have at least 3 weeks to go before they're well established like the White Widow are. I'm really hoping the White Widow plants can still be influenced to become female if the right lighting cycle is used.

    Good soil is being used as well as Miracle Grow general purpose as well as the kind used for tomatoes which is red. Someone said it seems to be good for weed, so I guess we'll find out. Seems to be good for the White Widow so far, because they have good color and perfect leaves with no discoloration or dried out spots. Temperature is usually kept around 75 t0 80F and the plants seem to like that.

    They had week stems at first, but after getting well established their stems became nice and thick and sturdy. All the "shwag" garbage weed my friend had grown in the past always had week stems even when the plants were 4 feet tall, and they always had to be supported. But these Amsterdam strains seem to just be better at becoming strong and I'm impressed already. I thought the "kind bud" good stuff was harder to grow, but it turns out it's actually easier and they make sure the strain is good at growing strong and fast on its own. I always assumed they just were concerned with making the plants potent, but actually they do pay attention to which plants grow stronger and faster as well.
  7. He bought some full spectrum halogen bulbs with 600 lumens light output and put those in lamp holders that have a simple bulb socket attached to an aluminum bowl type reflector. So now the florescent bulbs aren't the only light source for those plants. Even with the lamps about 10 inches from the plants, you can still feel the heat from the lamps if you put your hand right on the top leaves of the plant --- feels just like the summer sun that burns you in only 20 minutes. Hopefully the weed plants like that kind of light and grow faster and stronger. So far they seem to be doing that. But now the branches are getting further apart which has me worried the plants are gonna be male. The females are always shorter and have the branch levels so close together that they almost seem like they're gonna interweave with each other, and sometimes the top leaves of the plant actually do because they're hardly separated at all.

    The lighting cycle was changed to 12/12 hours on/off since its been almost 8 weeks of growing. So far only tiny little pairs of leaves are growing from the spots where the branches meet the central stem of the plant, so I have no idea if that's what males or females do. I don't remember my males growing leaves right there -- instead it was just the pistils with balls at the end that eventually released a shitload of pollen all over the place. I let the plants keep growing so I could dry them out and smoke the leaves at and get a little buzz. With the dank weed that has 20% to 25% THC content, the leaves usually get me as high as the garbage shwag weed from outdoor Mexican plant grow ops --- you know the weed that is over-dried and pressed into bricks so it completely destroys any beauty the bud might have had. Seems like that crappy weed is grown just so there's something to compare the good weed to, and it allows dealers to make the good shit expensive as hell. But they could just grow outdoor strains from Amsterdam and eventually they'd have plenty of plants with tons of seed for planting huge fields just like the crappy weed, and it grows faster and stronger than the crappy weed. So it's actually easier to grow and maintain at perfect health, whereas the crappy weed often turns yellow or has many dead leaves by the time the buds are growing, so I can't understand why they won't just get the good weed strains growing outside in the huge fields of weed. They'd triple their profit, but all the buds would have to smashed down to compress the weed into bricks for easier transportation.

    But it looks cool when smashed down anyway -- my friend had a bag of really good multicolored buds in his pocket, and when he sat down on the couch it stretched his pants really tight even though they were baggy as hell, and somehow the bud was flattened out completely, and looked like the scales of a fish, but with the colors of a beautiful peacocks tail, with purple and blue predominating. So getting bricks with those kind of colors would be awesome; a million times better than the ugly ass bricks of that shitty shwag weed the Mexicans won't stop growing.
  8. i have 2 plants .Some leaves are only 3 leaves..I think they stressed when i put them outside.They are still kicking in flower mode
  9. Can some1 take a look at these and tell me if they are healthy? The tall one is about 4-5 weeks old now. The other about 2-3. The big one has all 3 Blades apart from the bottom set as you can see in the pics that one has 3 blades but oppisite has 4 and now getting a 5th is this normal or is there something wrong with that plant?

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    If im correct those hallogen lights wont do a thing for em....
    Cfls, hps and metal halide are the most common..then led and plasma is new..but get rid of the hallogens..they probably heat shit up without actually helping the plants.
  11. Jusy read the rest...honestly this is what they should look like at eight weeks five in veg three so far in flower..and it has EVERYTHING TO DO WITH THE LIGHTS..these are under two six hundred hps lamps.
    You should also have some branches by now..your lights are not close enough so they stretch, I always though the giberrellic acid was what they use to turn em male..which you do not want unless breeding ..get those cfls like two inches away and just feed water for the first three weeks.
    The other pic is of a baby sour d at two weeks from seed.

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  12. Im not deffinite ,but the giberellic acid and halogens are hampering your grow ...im gonna go read up on the ga
  13. lol...me too..my germ'd seeds are doing the same..Afgooey is the strain...all my plants are healthy as can be so im sure its ok...just how its growing

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  14. Dont worry about the three blades..they grow anywhere from one blade to fifteen is the most ive had..on a white widow..revegged plants grow one and three blades but the herb is still bomb.
  15. I had one grow three true leafs first..now it has three branch spots..

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  16. hey..i have its twin..lol

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  17. Haha thats awsome..im seeing alot of these lately...mines sour d howabout yours?
  18. wow there awesome. does anyone have info one these seeds for me as got them free when i bought a seed for £8
    Delicious Caramelo (FEM) - 1 Seed
    Big Bud #1 (REG) - 2 Seeds
  19. strain is Afgooey

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