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3 leaf marijuana Plant

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by paperb22, Jun 11, 2009.

  1. I'm growing this plant that has been growing for about 6 weeks now but all the branches have 3 leaves on it. Not 5 or 7 but 3 does anyone know why? or if this is normal, or has anyone experienced similar plant many thanks!!:)
  2. please any information would help
  3. Pictures would help us see what you are talking about
  4. clones do that sometimes. odd numbers are good.
  5. my friends plant is the same way idk why though

    is it you bob?

    that would be funny
  6. Some strains produce more three leaf sets rather then five or seven leaf sets.
  7. i wouldn't be worried. i have a plant that had all 7 leaves. then it grw a node of 5 leaves. now its growing a node of 3 leaves! and its a healthy female.
  8. i got a plant that doesnt even look like a bud plant...but it is.
    and it started showing sex. its a girl.
    very strange looking plant.
    i never seen anything like it in my life.
    very weird texture leaves. i cant wait to smoke it!!
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    duplicate post

  10. Pics?
  11. i lost the cable to my sony camera.
    and the cable costs 45 bucks at the store. so as soon as i get that cable
    ima take pics of every single plant i have and post it in a thread.

    i got some crazy looking plants.

    i got these 3 monsters that have fan leaves as big as my whole head.

    i got indicas sativas and hybrids growing right now.

    i have a kush and diesel clones but i dont think they will get over 3 feet tall.
    the rest on the other hand are already over 3 feet. some over 4
  12. this is a rather common genetic mutation that causes the leaves to be only 3. it will grow and smoke just like any other plant.
  13. I have seen a plant similar to what you are explaining. He had called it BlackBerry.. To tell you the truth it almost looked like a blackberry bush.. It had 3 leaves for the most part and they were all kind of curled, but it was healthy as could be.. Was the oddest thing. The buds turned out to be quite nice, a little whispy, but great taste, and smell..

    It would be nice to see a picture of it
  14. I doubt anyone is still subscribed to this but I just got a quarter of some gods gift from a dispensary In highland park and found 6 seeds In it. I germinated 2 and one sprouted and the other did not. Idk why they were both in the same paper towel bowl.. Anyways I planted the sprouted guy and sure enough three days later I see some little green guys poping out but there's something weird it has three leaves.. Shit tripped me out then I hit google and seen this so I thought Id post about it. I'll post some pics when I figure out how.
  15. Some dude near me is giving away clones of plants like these.. I'd grab some but I'm moving :(


  16. It probably came from a Ruderalis Marijuana plant. It's different from Indica or Sativa. It's a wild Hemp plant basically, that breeders are mixing with indica and sativa strains.

    Here's a good article on Cannabis Culture about them.

    The return of Ruderalis | Cannabis Culture Magazine
  17. ive got a plant that started with 5 sets, then went to 7 and 5 for a while, then got some 3s and even a bunch of solo leaves about 2/3 the way through the budding stage, can anyone tell me about that??

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