3 kindz of seedz

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  1. Ok, what i got here in my pocket are 3 different kind of seeds, they are not different strains, but came from the same sack.

    1 is small and kinda white. It is smaller than the other 2 and some of them are wrinkled in a way.

    The second kind is the dark, kinda dark brown kind. It looks like it has black stripes on the side, not really kool looking but it looks like that way.

    And the last one is a much lighter one. It is as big as the dark brown one, but is lighter and abit better looking.

    The point of this is im askin you, any of yous, who could help me identify these 3 kinds. Wich is better, wich are clones, wich are female/male, it would be great if you can help me out. Thankz.
  2. As far as i'm aware you'd have to plant them to find out!....a lot of seeds look the same, chances are the seeds you got was from the same plant as the grass you're smoking, but it depends on who was growing it and what other strains they were growing in their room at the same time...but whoever it was either wanted the female to produce seeds but more than likely they just didn't spot the male in time and it was allowed to fertilise the female....really good weed smeels very strong and is usually packed together as the grower does not have to look through it to remove any seeds as there will be none, due to his paying attention and removing the males early enough.....hope that helped....Peace out....Sid
  3. just plant them and see what pops up!
  4. Thankz abuck-a-million
  5. i would go for seed 2

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