3 in the morning...found some bud in my room :D

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by tonster0161, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. so its 3 am and ive been cleaning my room for the past 3 hours maybe. sounds random huh?will i have insomnia and haven't smoked at all today.but anyway back to the story, i was cleaning my room(organizing,throwing away old stuff i dont use,or preparing it to be sold to thin down plus get a little money.)and i was hanging coats up in my closet and i looked in one of the jacket pockets and found a couple bucks.so i thought to myself maybe i have other shit left in my pockets that i forgot about.so i started checking all my jacket and upon the last jacket i unzipped a pocket and there it was, about a gram of weed.:eek: that was my facial expression. so upon careful observation the weed is dank but pretty dry.i smoked a small bowl and im pretty high off of it. life's good right now maybe now i can get some sleep.im also going to share some of this weed later with my girlfriend, i cant wait good times are ahead

    peace,much love
  2. How do you lose a gram of weed...
  3. probably just left it in there or hid some weed and forgot about it,but to be honest i had no idea about it being there just happened to stumble upon 2 bucks then some weed
  4. Enjoy your sleep & bud brother, because I can't sleep at the moment.

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