3 hits of lysergic acid diethylamide

Discussion in 'General' started by negligent, Apr 10, 2004.

  1. ahhhhh! way to much energy n tweaks n shit, and everythings bubbly... i gotta run! to the woods! or sumthin! ok my dumb post is done with, feel free to reply pretending that you never read my post and it said

    feel free to discuss whatever you like, cuz this is my lsd thread, so discuss sumthin mind altering or sumthin.
  2. .........ARE THERE MONSTERS????? LOL.....

  3. hah i hope you are having fun. i was supposed to get two hits and was looking foward to trippin for the first time on acid and ends up the person LEFT FUCKING TOWN, so last night ended up sucking.

  4. haha yea dude i think dracula's in my closet, but i doubt it.... ok i gotta get off my computer before i spazz out again n start doin a buncha techno dancing followed by a moonwalk in a circle.

  5. lol......wut the fuck????
  6. i dunno, but i jus ate another 5 before i got one, haha shits gettin crazy, i'm watchin fear and loathing in las vegas, its trippin me out, i need a cigarette, bye, no wait, damn i cant remember wat i was gonna say, ok, bye
  7. .....damn......
  8. I wish I could get acid..damn, it's just too fucking hard to find around here..

  9. go to the bad parts of B-more, u sure to find dope in the hood.....

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